Cop-Hating Thug Sucker Punches NYPD Agent In Broad Daylight, Then He Realizes His 1 Mistake Too Late

The narrative on the Left continues to show its ignorance of facts and statistics when it comes to the subject of police brutality against the Black community. The biggest problem with the Liberals and their agenda is that facts have never gotten in the way of their activists continuing to tell the oft-repeated lies in order to equate this country as an illegitimate power and its White population as serial oppressors.

Black Lives Matter, which sprang from the false narrative of the Gentle Giant, Michael Brown, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” line that became so famous after thugs on the street who were so-called “witnesses” to the scene coerced and threatened other bystanders to tell the feds the lie that propelled the nation into chaos and racial hatred and division. This was further fueled by a president who valued skin color above all else when making determinations as to the right and the wrong of any situation.

In New York City, a police officer who was just giving out a routine parking violation to a resident was in for a rude awakening that day. After delivering the citation, the disgruntled young Black man, who apparently thought that the officer was using his White privilege to enforce his racist, bigoted cop stereotypes of African-Americans when he wrote the ticket, stalked the officer down the block, unknown to the cop, and sucker punched him from behind like the coward that he is and left the officer in the middle of the road unconscious!

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Mad World News:

A shocking video is going viral after an angry New York thug, whose girlfriend had just received a ticket from a New York Police Department traffic agent, decided to take action. As the officer walked away, things took a turn for the worst when the maniac decided to sucker punch the agent right in the throat. What the thug didn’t see coming was the justice he was about to get that would wipe the smug grin right off his face.

Divon D. Cochrane, 27, of Staten Island New York was angry after a traffic agent issued his girlfriend a parking ticket. He was so mad about the little ticket that he escalated the situation tremendously. Unfortunately for him, he decided his own fate when he sucker punched the 50-year-old traffic agent, ultimately making his future way harder than it had to be.

According to the New York Post, Cochrane followed the 50-year-old victim while on the phone as he crosses the street. The crazed man then ends the call, creeps up behind his target, and sucker punches him. The traffic agent fell to the ground and lost consciousness, officials said. He was rushed to Staten Island University Hospital North, where he was treated for a head injury and bruising to the neck.

Young Conservatives reported that Cochrane was charged late Thursday night with assault and harassment for attacking the on-duty traffic agent in Port Richmond.

We can thank the media and hate groups like Black Lives Matter for this type of behavior, believing it is okay to inflict hatred and violence on law enforcement. It makes you wonder what the media would be saying if the situation ended much differently. Can you imagine the outrage if the traffic agent had hit the unarmed thug or was even capable of fighting back in any way?

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It is not enough that he could have easily killed the cop for the vicious attack, but the fact that he only received an assault and harassment charge is unconscionable. Why was this not charged as a hate crime? You can bet that if this was the opposite way, as posed in the article above, that the cop would not be up on hate crime charges and possibly drummed out of the force.

Regardless of the outcome, this piece of garbage will go on about this life with the full support of his friends and family, no doubt, and will proudly proclaim how he was the man who punched out a New York City officer without serving time. If he does serve time, it will be a miracle in a Leftist city of corrupt officials who care more about appearances than they do about the safety of the police officers. Let’s not forget that their own mayor is booed and the officers turn their backs on him whenever he deigns to show up for a funeral of one of their fallen brethren and sisters.

Source: Mad World News

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