Convicted Terrorist Goes On Muslim-Induced Rant In Court, Infidel Judge Gives Him Something Else To Rant About

One thing we find among Islamic fundamentalists as that they are strong believers. In fact, many are so dedicated to their faith that they are not only prepared, but eager to die for it. These are often the jihadists with whom we are familiar.

It doesn’t matter to them whether their faith is based on truth or error, they are convinced of its veracity, and are ready to take it to the grave with them. Tragically, they are keenly interested in taking those whom they see as infidels with them if they can. One moment after their death, they will find out the truth.

It it not unusual for these individuals after being apprehended and tried in court to launch into a tirade of threats before the judge. These rantings often include assurances that those who are punishing him will suffer under the hand of Allah who will destroy the infidels either here or in the hereafter. When one convicted Muslim terrorist made such threats before a judge, he was advised that while the judge respected his opinion, that he was going to sentence him to 20 years in prison anyway.

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“According to Mail Online, Terrence J. McNeil is a U.S. born citizen who lived in Akron, Ohio before he was arrested for pledging allegiance to and ultimately trying to support ISIS. In the end, the wannabe terrorist posted the names and addresses of 100 U.S. military personnel, calling for them to be ‘beheaded in their homes.'”

“Unfortunately for him, the Muslim man was most recently sentenced by Judge Dan Polster in an Ohio district court. Shockingly, McNeil decided to erupt into a disturbing Islamic-themed rant, declaring that ‘nothing you did today even matters. Jihad will continue until the day of judgment.'”

Well, perhaps. But not by McNeil.

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The Daily Caller reported that McNeil continued his rant at the judge by saying, “[a]nd that’s a promise from Allah. It’s not going to change. It’s not going to stop. Neither of them are. My commission of Allah is not going to stop. So this is meaningless. I’ll be rewarded for what I do. You’ll be punished for what you do. I’m fine with that. You’re fine with that. So we’ll wait for the punishment of Allah to afflict you, either by himself or through the hands of the Muslims, and then we’ll see. Inshallah.”

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Mr. McNeil might call all that went on in court “meaningless,” but the fact remains that he is now serving a 20-year sentence for his offenses. That should give him plenty of time to consider the validity of the promises of Allah as he understands them, as well as the wisdom of his verbally threatening a judge in his courtroom, something that is never a good idea.

Mark one terrorist off the streets and in prison where he no longer represents a danger.

Source: Mad World News

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