BREAKING: Congress Destroys This Deep State Conspiracy Theory — Americans Are Cheering!

The Democrats and those on the left put a lot of work into keeping the rumors swirling about potentially illegal cooperation between the the Trump campaign and Russia. Perhaps they got the idea from conciliatory remarks made by Mr. Trump and Vladimir Putin during the presidential campaign. Apparently the idea of having peaceful relations with Russia is abhorrent to them given that their Peace Prize president did such a poor job in this area.

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Whatever the reason for the left’s aversion to harmonious relations with Russia, the allegations that President Trump’s election was improperly influenced by Russia are collapsing fast. In fact, it’s time for the Democrats to pack this one in and look for another fantasy to pursue.

The Hill reported that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, “was asked during an interview on ‘Fox News Sunday’ if he has seen any evidence of any collusion between ‘Trump world’ and Russia to swing the 2016 presidential election. ‘I’ll give you a very simple answer: “no,”‘ Nunes said. ‘Up to speed on everything I have up to this morning. No evidence of collusion.'”

You can watch the interview here:

That’s rather straightforward. And it is a big deal considering how much airtime has been wasted and ink spilled on this non-story. All of that said, however, this issue might not be quite over just yet. There is the issue of how certain confidential information was leaked. Unlike the bogus allegations of the Russians promoting the Trump candidacy, the leak was real and was illegal.

There is the crime of the leak Michael Flynn’s name and the transcript of a conversation he had. According to Nunes, “[t]he one crime we know that’s been committed is that one: the leaking of someone’s name …, That’s what we’re trying to get to the bottom of: were there any other names that were unmasked, leaked and leaked out?”

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We will refrain for using the left’s tactic of speculating who might have committed this crime or for whom such a person was working. As the Democrats just displayed, making wild accusations you cannot prove sometimes blows up in your face.

Source: ZeroHedge

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