WATCH: GOP Congressman Just Did Something Awesome For Every American Police Officer…Even Trump Is Smiling!

Whenever it becomes “politically correct” or socially acceptable to dehumanize a particular segment of society or group of people, the natural result will be that those groups or segments will be targeted and mercilessly attacked both verbally and physically.

That is exactly what we are seeing with police officers being protested for doing what they’ve been trained to do and then being ambushed by those who are simply trying to make a political statement by ending the life of an innocent person. In 2016 especially, we have seen the Black Lives Matter movement going after Blue Lives Matter, and the result has been unnecessarily deadly.

One way to dehumanize police officers is to depict them in art as “pigs” as the picture below shows.

Cops as Pigs

Via Joe For America:

California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter did the nation a service by personally beautifying the U.S. Capitol. It seems that the Congress held an art competition. Someone who lives in Missouri Democrat Lacy Clay’s district submitted an entry that depicted police officers as pigs aiming guns at protesters.

The painting was apparently hung just down the hall from Representative Hunter’s office and he finally got tired of walking by it. Without telling anyone he was going to do it, and without asking permission, Hunter pursued his career as an art critic by transforming the wall from the above display of racism to this.

Empty Wall


It’s absolutely inexcusable that such a demeaning and dehumanizing piece of “art” was allowed to be hung in a place where police officers would be forced to see it every day.

The painting getting ripped off the wall is probably the most compassionate thing that could have happened because depicting hatred towards someone isn’t something that should be proudly and openly displayed.

Source: Joe For America

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