Liberals Are In A Complete Meltdown: Top Democrat Congressman Arrested At The Capitol

It is very interesting the way Leftists tend to break down everything into black and white when it comes to Republicans, but when it comes to their own shortcomings, suddenly there are 50 shades of gray. More precisely, there are 50 shades of black and brown.

Here’s an example: Black and Brown people who are proud of their ethnicity, their culture and their heritage are admirable and should be emulated. White people who are proud of their ethnicity, their culture and their heritage are racists. A White person who utters a vile obscenity about race is a racist (no argument there). A Black or Brown person who utters a vile obscenity about race is expressing emotion, because (as we all know) Blacks and Browns cannot be racist.

So, we arrive at the conundrum of the age. US Representative Luis Gutierrez, who has obviously gotten his way since childhood through various temper tantrums and breath-holding, has once again proven that you don’t have to have a high IQ to be an elected official (especially in Illinois, apparently). He has just been arrested for the fourth time in the past year for participating in mass protests regarding illegal alien deportations and detainments!

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Right Wing News:

Illinois Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez has been busted… again. He was among 200 protesters arrested Wednesday on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. These were pro-Amnesty demonstrators. He joined members of the Service Employee’s International Union who proceeded to storm the Capitol steps demanding that bipartisan legislation be passed that would protect “Dreamers.” That would be those who fall under the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program.

Back in September, President Trump announced he would be ending the DACA program that was created by Barack Obama. This ‘illegal’ program allowed in illegal immigrants and their children. It’s chain migration. The children were brought in illegally by their parents and special allowances were then made by Obama so they could stay. They don’t have legal status, but they did get temporary protection from deportation and permission to work. That’s ending now and Gutierrez doesn’t like it at all. He’s a racist and a communist, so it offends him doubly so.

These protesters vowed hundreds would be arrested during its “civil disobedience action.” They made good on that promise. Gutierrez had pledged he would be arrested as well and the police granted his wish. Gutierrez and other protesters wore green gloves and green armbands to signify their pledge to be arrested. The Senate and the House are in a budget stalemate and the program is ostensibly caught in the middle. It could lead to a government shutdown if a spending bill is not passed by midnight Friday. It shouldn’t be any part of a spending bill.

“Congress refuses to act, and it’s killing us,” one protester said. No, it’s about to right a wrong. If you are not here legally and are violating the law, regardless of how you got here, you need to leave and come back legally. It’s just that simple. Immigration advocates are pushing Congress to act, fearing it’s the last opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to strike a deal over the contentious issue, according to AZ Central. I hope they fail to act and that DACA ends. It should never have existed in the first place.

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Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, who wrote this piece is right about one point and wrong about another. When she refers to Gutierrez as a racist, she is 100% on the mark. There is nothing worse than a double standard, especially when it involves a man who long ago traded in his soul and brain for a seat in Congress.

On the other hand, she misidentifies the people “pushing Congress to act” on DACA as “immigration advocates.” These people who advocate for DACA are not for immigration. If they were, they wouldn’t be pulling for DACA to be upheld. On the contrary, these people are literally calling for the complete opposite by asking the Congress to IGNORE federal immigration law and uphold illegal alien status. Illegals are not immigrants…a common misconception. They are invaders into a country whose laws are such that if this were any other country, the insurgents may not live to see another day.

Source: Right Wing News

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