Congress Just Slapped FBI With Subpoena?! Comey Is PANICKING!

Perhaps the level of controversy President Trump is experiencing should be expected. His agenda is bold, and strikes very close to some long-entrenched and powerful political interests. The “swamp” as it has been called is both wide and deep, and in attacking it, Trump has stepped on a lot of powerful toes who are ready to strike back.

Matters such as the accusations of Russian involvement in the election, the Flynn resignation, and the Comey firing are just a sample of the fertile areas for opponents of the the president to create doubt and dissension. They can also be launching pads for investigations that will capture citizens’ attention and imaginations.

The former FBI Director Comey has claimed a memo exists from Trump asking him to stop the Flynn investigation, Republican Congressman Chaffetz is calling Comey’s bluff and threatening to subpoena him if that’s what is needed to obtain the alleged memo.

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If anyone had any doubt that President Trump was going to stir up official Washington and upset some very powerful individuals and groups, that illusion should now be gone permanently.

Hence if an official claims he has evidence that might be incriminating to the president, he or she had best be sure it exists before making such statements as efforts will be made to verify any such claims.

“House oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz said Tuesday that if a memo FBI Director James Comey wrote detailing President Donald Trump’s request to end an investigation exists, then his committee is willing to issue subpoenas to get it.”

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So Mr. Comey is on the spot. If the memo doesn’t exist, he has a lot of explaining to do lest he be utterly disgraced. For some reason, up until now, Comey has declined to be interviewed by the House Oversight Committee. Shortly, he might have no choice.

“Chaffetz later sent a letter to Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, asking for all FBI notes and information on Comey’s communications with President Donald Trump.”

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And it’s not just the matter with Flynn that Congress is asking questions about.

“Leaders of the congressional investigations into Russian meddling into the US election last year are also calling on Comey to testify.”

If Mr. Comey has been playing things fast and loose with the facts, that would explain his reluctance to testify before Congress. On the other hand, such testimony might reveal far more than Comey would like, giving a detailed view into his performance as FBI Director.

The political stakes in this matter just keep getting higher.

Source: CNN

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