Comey No Longer Director? Guess How Much We Caught Him Prepared To Pay Agent For Spying On Trump?

It must be emphasized how important it is for a free society to have assurance that its law enforcement agencies are free of political corruption. When that is lost, and the people no longer have assurance that justice will prevail, lawlessness and a lack of respect for the government follow.

The FBI is no stranger to being accused of being a pawn in the hands of corrupt politicians. Part of that might be the sheer power of this agency. But part of it is likely based on the truth. Politicians with compromised integrity will naturally look to the agency as a vehicle for exerting political power.

Hence it is very disturbing to learn that FBI Director Comey was prepared to pay $50,000, almost certainly U.S. taxpayer money, to a British agent to attempt to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.

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Gathering information for the purposes of launching an attack on political opponents is the unsavory job of political parties. It is not a proper function of law enforcement. In fact, it is a perversion of the purposes of law enforcement. Thus we should expect corrupt politicians to abuse law enforcement powers to serve their political ends.

The New York Times has reported that, “Mr. Steele [the British agent] met his F.B.I. contact in Rome in early October, bringing a stack of new intelligence reports. One, dated Sept. 14, said that Mr. Putin was facing ‘fallout’ over his apparent involvement in the D.N.C. hack and was receiving ‘conflicting advice’ on what to do.”

Continuing, “[t]he agent said that, if Mr. Steele could get solid corroboration of his reports, the F.B.I. would pay him $50,000 for his efforts, according to two people familiar with the offer. Ultimately, he was not paid.”

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What is the FBI even doing in this situation? Is the agency unable to conduct its own investigations, but rather must rely on former spies to gather evidence? And what crime in particular was the FBI purportedly investigating? This whole scenario has a sense of corruption connected to it.
And one questionable act leads to another as day follows night.

“The report raises questions about the degree of confidence that the FBI had in the dossier. And that level of confidence is important because the FBI reportedly relied on the dossier in a September application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.” 

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So not only did the FBI allegedly offer to buy intelligence against Donald Trump from a British spy, but also used questionable evidence to obtain a court order to conduct surveillance on a Trump adviser.

It’s time to make an example out of Mr. Comey and fire him.

Source: Daily Caller

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