Congress Drops BRUTAL Ultimatum On The FBI — Comey Has Until Monday To — WHOA!

In a nation where the concept of “equal protection under the law” goes out the window we find the current head of the FBI, Mr. Comey embroiled in political controversy. If anything, at the top of this man’s “to-do” list should be restoring the confidence the American people deserve to have in the FBI. This would include assurance that the agency will not be influenced by partisan politics, but will pursue justice equally, without regard to political pressure.

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Allegations over surveillance of the Trump campaign ordered by elements within the Obama administration need to be addressed. The suggestions of Russian interference with our election need to be cleared up.

And investigation into these issues by Congress are only two examples of several that Comey and his associates have stonewalled. Although he would likely prefer to be anywhere other than Washington next week, that’s when Mr. Comey has finally agreed to appear before Congress.

There are two primary issues that Congress insists be addressed. And there are threats of subpoenas being issued if they do not get cooperation.

“First, lawmakers in both chambers are demanding that the FBI clear up President Donald Trump’s claim that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in the run-up to the election. Both the House Intelligence Committee and Graham’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism have asked the Justice Department to turn over any evidence for Trump’s allegations, including warrant applications or court orders.”

Then there is the second issue, and it involves the alleged interference with our election by Russia. Is there anything to it? What does the FBI know, if anything?

“The other big question for lawmakers is whether the FBI is conducting any criminal investigations into Trump campaign aides for potential collusion with Russia.”

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So far, Mr. Comey has dodged these issues, perhaps hoping things would play themselves out in the press, and then just go away. If so, he’s not a very perceptive investigator, or else he is very good at self-delusion. He has to come clean on these issues and cannot be allowed to just let them fester and distract the nation from important business.

On Monday, Mr. Comey goes on television in what is sure to be a carefully watched and analyzed show. “House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and ranking member Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) announced at their news conference that Comey would appear before their panel at a public hearing next Monday.”

Getting Comey to show up for questioning is a terrific start. The question remains what he will say. In fact, the usefulness of the hearing will largely depend on what he is willing to say, and what he refuses to reveal.

What’s hard to predict is what will be more interesting, his testimony or the inevitable debate and discussion on the news shows that follow. Either way, it looks like next week is going to start off with some fireworks.

Source: Politico

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