Guess How Comey Found Out He Was Canned By President Trump? It’s Not What You Think!

We are all thrilled to know that President Trump fired James Comey. And the letter he sent to Comey, well, that is simply poetry in motion!

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But when did Comey actually find out he was terminated immediately? Well, that’s where this story takes a very interesting turn!

You see, Comey was in Los Angeles speaking to FBI employees, when he saw the news of his firing on TV! Sadly, he thought it was a funny joke. But a few minutes later, he was pulled into an office and told that the news was correct. Then he was gone!

From Business Insider:

President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey came as a surprise to many. And the abrupt dismissal on Tuesday afternoon may have also caught Comey off-guard as well.

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According to a New York Times report, Comey had found out he was dismissed from television news coverage that splashed on screens at an FBI field office in Los Angeles while he was addressing FBI employees.

After witnessing the televised report, Comey reportedly laughed, saying he thought it was a fairly funny prank, according to a separate New York Times report.

Comey then stopped addressing the group after staff members told him to enter a nearby office. Shaking hands with the group, Comey entered the office and confirmed that he was fired.

Shortly after the news broke, a letter was reported to have been delivered to FBI headquarters in Washington.

Comey was also scheduled to attend an FBI recruiting event in nearby Hollywood. He ultimately did not attend.

Comey was reportedly planning on making a speech about the FBI’s work and to assist in helping potential recruits “receive personal career counseling from FBI special agents.”

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Wow. Talk about a shock to the system! He speaks at a Senate Judiciary committee, then jets off to California to get away from DC, only to find out, not through a phone call, but through the news on television that he is no longer employed at the FBI.

In a way, this is a nice sense of poetic justice. For the one who made sure that America would be the last to know about all of Hillary’s law-breaking shenanigans, he is the last to know that he’s kicked out of the FBI.

Now, President Trump can continue his purge of the deep state and eliminate every Obama leftover that is holding him back!

Source: Business Insider


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