Hillary Handed Collusion Bombshell By Fox News Host, She’s In A Blind Panic

Sean Hannity might be one of the most hated Conservative talk show hosts on the planet, but the man is a wizard when it comes to being able to pinpoint exactly what is so very wrong with the Democrats. Not only can he put it succinctly in terms that everyone can understand, but he can also mix it up with the most articulate double-speak experts that modern politics has to offer.

Whenever it appears that the Liberals are about to strike fear into the hearts of Americans by pointing out some inane piece of “evidence” against Trump or one of the other Republicans, Hannity is right there, ready to do battle, usually in the form of a very simple argument: the Left is always found to be guilty of hypocrisy.

Once again, when the chips are down and it looks like this will be a bad week for the president, Sean Hannity moves in for the kill by showing that there are some journalists left in the field of journalism. He has swooped in just in time to ask the very poignant question: is Hillary guilty of collusion with the Chinese government?

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The Gateway Pundit:

Conservative Sean Hannity tweeted out today the Wikileaks leaked document that shows the Clinton Campaign discussing a “private, off the record” meeting with Chinese ambassador Cui.

Ambassador Cui set up a meeting with Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta during the campaign.

Not that any of this will ever see the light of day on a CNN or MSNBC broadcast, but wow!  This is what is meant by the right when we talk about the hypocrisy and the outright fake news that pervades networks and newspapers today.  It can put a 100% emphasis on Donald Trump Jr. having a four-and-a-half-minute meeting with a Russian lawyer (one who was given carte blanche access to the United States by the Obama administration, despite being previously turned down for a visa) and yet, when a post-it note is pasted on their foreheads that reads, “Hillary colluded with China in an off-the-record meeting during her 2016 campaign!” they have the audacity to point back at Trump and scream, “Russian collusion!”

True conservatives won’t ever see this as anything other than “just another Clinton scandal to be swept under the rug.” That’s the sad reality of today’s journalism and why it’s still vitally important that news sites like American Conservative Herald continue to point out the truth when we see it.  Hannity may deserve a medal for his dogged determination.

Source:  The Gateway Pundit

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