Look Who Just Dropped An Investigation On CNN For Election 2016 Interference? It’s Not Who You Think!

With all the allegations, accusations, and scandalous claims being flung around like so much dirty laundry by the mainstream media, who’d have thought that some of it might end up being flung right back in their faces for doing exactly what they accused Donald Trump of doing, election tampering.

For months now, we’ve heard the constant drumbeat that Trump won and Hillary lost the election because of supposed collusion between Putin and Trump to meddle with the election results, but now a similar allegation is being made against the American media by the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin is accusing CNN and other American media outlets of possible meddling in Russia’s parliament elections in 2016.

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According to Right Wing News:

It’s old news and yet the narrative keeps dragging on all thanks to the media. They have been day and night beating the drums of a Trump/Russia collusion. A backroom deal that, to them, was the very reason that Hillary Clinton lost the election…Yes, that is a very poor excuse for the loss. So much so that it’s flat out FALSE. She was and is a terrible politician and human being.

You can pretty much guarantee that their hypothesis is on its way out with the rest of the garbage lies. Despite being the main target of every news agency out there, no one is able to produce evidence to prove the accusations. They will continue to beat this drum until the progressive history books state that Trump was the shill of the Russian government. Seriously! Just wait and see.

But now it would seem that Russia and Trump are no longer on decent terms and Moscow has been swinging back at the U.S. media. Russia went as far as turning the tactics of the media against them. Not that I’m rooting for him…He’s not a good guy and DOES NOT like America…But half the nation HATES the media, so it’s difficult to have any sympathy for them.

Russia plans to look into American media outlets to find out whether they illicitly interfered in the Kremlin’s 2016 parliamentary elections. Not good and not acceptable.

Leonid Levin is the head of the legislative Committee on Information and Communication, and he has stated that CNN, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe were in Putin’s cross-hairs.

He said the work of journalists at those outlets ‘could’ have impeded the Russian election results, but it’s clear he’s just playing tactics here. If CNN is going to be a target of Putin, it will be very difficult to stick up for them.

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Over the last several years, the trust conservative Americans have had in the mainstream media has plummeted to an all time low, as many have come to the conclusion that the establishment media are simply spouting the official government sanctioned “political correctness” we have all come to despise.

It is now, only fitting that the brown-nosing mainstream media is subjected to some of that same mudslinging that they themselves have been guilty of. It’s rather satisfying to see them take it on the chin, this time!

Source: Right Wing News

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