WHOA! In Interview With Martin Luther King III, CNN Caught On Live TV Changing “Constructive” Meeting With Trump Into Destructive [WATCH]

When liberal mainstream media reporters get on a stump, they will ask the same question, rephrased, over and over and over until they get a response that can be edited to reflect the anti-conservative, anti-Republican, anti-Trump narrative they are trying to ram down the public’s throats.

Indeed, there is no such thing as an unbiased journalist anymore, who only reports the facts and nothing but the facts.

In order to graduate from college with a degree in journalism these days, a person cannot help but lean to the left, even if they’re not already an outright, flaming liberal.

When just such a liberal journalist, CNN’s Jim Acosta (the same journalist that Trump shut down and told him that he is fake news), asked Martin Luther King III a baited question about Donald Trump’s “feud” with Rep. John Lewis. King wasn’t taking the bait.

From Louder With Crowder:

The press was waaay more concerned with Trump’s feud with Rep. John Lewis. Or just trying to make Trump look bad in general, because this is CNN we’re talking about here. Much to CNN’s frustration, MLK3 tried to stay on topic instead…

REPORTER: Were you offended by the President-elect’s tweet that Lewis is all talk and no action?

MLK: In the heat of emotion, a lot of things get said on both sides. I think that at some point I am, as John Lewis and many others are, a bridge builder. The goal is to bring America together. We are a great nation and we must become a greater nation.

But the reporter refused to accept MLK3’s answer and rephrased the question…again!

REPORTER: Isn’t there something that just cuts to your core when you hear the president-elect refer to John Lewis as ‘all talk and no action? I mean nothing could be further from the truth, isn’t that right? John Lewis is not ‘all talk and no action.’

Watch Martin Luther King III respond to Acosta’s racially charged question in the video here.

Instead of being a racebaiter like the reporter, MLK3 showed how a true peacemaker acts with his response:

MLK: As I said, things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion. At some point, this nation, we’ve got to move forward.

Not even conservatives who disagreed with virtually all of President Obama’s leftist policies tried to make him fail. He accomplished that all on his own without any help from the right wing.

The political left, on the other hand, doesn’t and never has played fair so they will do everything in their power to undo him! Their goal is to discredit him and destroy his presidency.

It will be amusing to watch them try!

Source: Louder With Crowder

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