AWKWARD: Clintons Make Complete FOOLS Of Themselves…You Won’t Believe What Bill Was CAUGHT Doing At Inauguration! [WATCH]

It’s amusing to watch former political candidates who lost the election now attend the inauguration of the winner, the one guy they spent the last several months badmouthing and cursing under their breath for his success.

In this case, it’s more than amusing, it’s down right GRATIFYING, since the “Queen of DC Corruption” got her head handed to her by the one person she was so sure didn’t stand a chance of winning.

Even the liberal mainstream news networks were proclaiming Hillary’s victory through their rigged polls long before any votes were cast and it’s only fitting that they should have to eat a big healthy plate of crow over it.

Now it’s Inauguration Day, and it’s Donald Trump who ascended to the podium to take the oath of office, not Hillary Clinton. This must be a source of great discomfort for a woman who cheated, bribed, and intimidated her way into the Democrat nomination for president. Even her Secret Service detail could barely stand her smug condescension, labeling her transport airplane or helicopter “BROOMSTICK 1.”

In the next series of pics, we can see the disgust on Hillary’s face as she arrives to watch president Trump’s triumphant Oath of Office ceremony.

From Twitchy:

Bill and Hillary Clinton have arrived for the inauguration of Donald Trump, and the 2016 Democrat nominee still seems to have a “why aren’t I 50 points ahead” look on her face:

Hillary with that “do I really have to be here” expression on her face:

Matt Batzel

Hillary looks thrilled to be at the #Inauguration #maga

We can also add here the clip of Bill Clinton caught staring at someone by Hillary. Ouch!

As Trump supporters celebrate, Hillary Clinton and her storm of snowflakes get to watch and protest, and scream and holler, and stomp their feet, and cry in their safe spaces, while we adults calmly observe the temper tantrums and wish they would just grow up and get over it!

But when they’ve acted like spoiled brats for the last 8 years under Obama, it’s time they learned the meaning of the word...NO!

Source: Twitchy

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