Clinton Enemy Found Dead — New, Crucial Email Investigation Cut Short

There are many things you learn while reading books and newspapers of which, typically, average Americans are not aware. For instance, the fact that when a person is admitted to a hospital with a gunshot or knife wound, law enforcement is automatically notified. Also, police are always involved in the case of a suicide. Why? Because there are circumstances where it needs to be determined whether or not the person actually committed suicide. It’s the difference between suicide and murder.

When the suicides are accompanied by notes of explanation, it is even more imperative for police to be involved, because the so-called “suicide note” must be scrutinized for consistencies with the circumstances surrounding the death and in regards to the personality and state-of-mind of the person who died.

With the Clintons, suicides and mysterious deaths appear to be piling up like the profits from uranium deals with the Russians. Peter W. Smith, a former GOP operative, had devoted a large portion of his life to pursuing answers to Clinton scandals, both husband and wife. When he was close to information leading to Hillary’s destroyed emails, he inexplicably committed suicide by asphyxiating himself with helium.  Both the circumstances that followed and the suicide note have led to more questions than answers.

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Mad World News:

According to reports, a Republican operative who had supposedly tracked down Hillary’s “lost” emails most recently “committed suicide.”

Chicago Tribune reports that 81-year-old Peter W. Smith killed himself in a Minnesota hotel and was found with a bad over his head.  Even more shocking was the suicide note that cited “poor health” and a $5 million life insurance policy that he said would soon expire.

In June, the WSJ published its story on Smith’s efforts and reported that he considered former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn an ally.  He reportedly shared with the Journal his discovery that two groups of Russian hackers, among others, claimed to have Clinton’s missing emails.

However, there’s just one horrific detail here that has people once again questioning another suspicious death that centers around the Clintons.  If this man was working on a story that could ultimately change the history books and was making progress with it as little as one month ago, then why would he kill himself?

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Two distinct pieces of evidence from the initial reports for this story stuck out with me when I first read them. A hotel worker had first discovered the body and notified police. After the initial investigation in the room, the coroner’s office was notified to come and retrieve the body. The coroner’s assistant who entered the room reported that he noticed the helium canister in the room, but not the bag that was supposedly used.

When the police were later questioned with the observations by the coroner’s assistant, instead of the police saying “no comment,” they instead answered, “the coroner’s assistant wasn’t in the room long enough to have made that observation.” What a strange thing for the police to say. Also the suicide note was odd in that it perfectly spelled out that there was no foul play, that this was Smith merely taking his own life. Again, odd. Not sure if we’ll ever see answers here.

Source:  Mad World News

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