STUNNING: Liberal Classmate of Judge Neil Gorsuch Drops Shocking Tweet…Democrats Have Completely Shut Down!

Last night, we were able to watch President Trump announce to the United States his pick for the Supreme Court: Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Most Americans were thrilled to hear his name announced, as we have seen his past actions prove that he is not only a conservative, but refuses to legislate from the bench.

Judge Gorsuch seems to be the most important announcement coming from the Trump Administration thus far, and he is getting support from both the right and the left. Here is a tweet from a most unlikely source: Obama’s former ethics czar, Norm Eisen!

From Politico:

Gorsuch has the typical pedigree of a high court justice. He graduated from Columbia, Harvard and Oxford, clerked for two Supreme Court justices and did a stint at the Department of Justice.

He attended Harvard Law with former President Barack Obama. On Tuesday, Obama’s former ethics czar, Norm Eisen, another classmate, tweeted:

Since 2006, he has served on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, in Colorado. He is an outdoorsman who fishes, hunts and skis. On the court, conservatives hope he will become the intellectual heir to Scalia, long the outspoken leader of the conservative bloc.

What a surprise! To see an Obama pick give credence to his former classmate in such a public manner! Do you think Obama is going to call for all liberals to protest this pick? Probably!

But of course, Senator Ben Sasse beat Obama to the punch, met with protesters, and provided America with this brilliant tweet:

For now, it’s a wait and see game. Hopefully this will be a smooth process, but with the Democrats, you’ll never know!

Source: Politico

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