HILARIOUS! Top Dog Democrat Chuck Schumer Is Humiliated…How One Typo Exposed A Completely Holy Mess!

We conservatives are all excited about the possibility that President-elect Trump might actually be able to “Make America Great Again,” but for every one of us there is a liberal who would say America was never great and President Obama saved us all from disaster.

Of course, the real disaster actually turned out to be Obama’s Affordable Care Act that bumped up the cost of premiums and deductables, plus all the rest of his Democrat “statist” policies that never work and instead, add gazillions to the national debt.

Today’s liberal disaster is brought to you by one of Obama’s ardent admirers, the new Senate Minority Leader, Charles Schumer. He tweeted “Don’t #MakeAmericaGreatAgain” when he actually meant to say “Don’t #MakeAmericaSickAgain” in defense of Obamacare. This is simply hilarious.

From Conservative Tribune:

Schumer quickly corrected his mistake, although not before Independent Journal Review reporter Joe Perticone took a snapshot of it. Now, it looks like this:

Now here is the “correct” tweet:

It didn’t take Trump social media guru Dan Scavino long to mock Sen. Schumer.

While it isn’t what Schumer would say he meant, I think that the first tweet is far more accurate. After all, what is the senator and his party trying to do? They’re shackling America to an overblown, failed piece of health care legislation that has raised premiums and deductibles beyond any reasonable level because the tired statist policies the Democrats are trying to protect are the outgoing president’s signature piece of legislation.

The way things are looking, Barack Obama may be the first president in history to have his entire “legacy” repealed by the incoming President-elect!

Oh dear…wouldn’t that be a shame?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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