Christian Students Forced To Convert To Islam At Public School? Board Members Say…

The left’s self-proclaimed tolerance for Islam is strange considering much of what the left stands for would never by tolerated by Islam. Whatever their reason for this attitude, they pursue it to their own destruction.

It manifests itself in bizarre, and sometimes illegal ways. For example, try to have a Christmas party or concert in a public school on school-time, and lawyers will descend on the school like locusts to claim this is an illegal mingling of church and state. Yet indoctrination into Islam seems to be perfectly acceptable in a public school system that is largely controlled by those on the left.

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This push to promote Islam in America by the liberals remains a reality to which we must respond. Perhaps they hate traditional American culture so much that they are willing to commit cultural suicide by promoting an ideology that is utterly foreign to America and its legal traditions. In any event, when the public schools turn into Islamic indoctrination centers, it’s time to act.

An incident in New Jersey that has gained national attention illustrates the problem. “Christian mothers Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer found out that their children were coerced into literally converting to Islam during propaganda disguised as learning tools. Unwilling to allow New Jersey’s Chatham Middle School to get away with shoving Islam, and only Islam, down their susceptible students’ throats, the irate parents stormed the school district’s school board meeting on February 6, demanding that the religious favoritism is halted immediately. Unfortunately, their protest failed.”

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Rather incredible isn’t it? How does a public school district justify promoting the Islamic faith over all others? Not surprisingly, the mothers sued. “The Chatham Patch reports that the women have hired the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), which specializes in suing on behalf of Christians who are denied their First Amendment rights.”

This curriculum clearly is indoctrination rather than just education in that it “included forcing seventh-graders to declare, ‘May [Allah] help us all find the true faith — Islam’ and forced them to view a video about the 5 pillars of Islam that portrayed non-Muslims as unintelligent, One News Now reports.” Reportedly, the video also “prompts students to chant the Islamic conversion declaration, ‘There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is his messenger.'”

Here is an interview both mothers had with Fox News:

It’s tragic that parents need to worry about the public schools turning their children into Muslims, or any other faith, for that matter. Yet if your child is going to attend the public schools, monitoring the curriculum is going to be your responsibility.

That is, least until the leftists running the public schools are as averse to promoting Islam as they are to having students recite the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of each school day.

Source: Mad World News

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