Christian Student Killed By His Muslim Classmates — You’ll Never Believe What Teacher Was Doing During Beating

Often times, we believe that because we are Christians that other people will treat us with the respect that we afford others. With most, that is always true, especially in certain places on the planet. We are sometimes lulled into a false sense of safety and security until a situation arises where even Christians question their faith.

In places around the world, Christians are looked at with more distrust and hatred than they are here in the states. However, even Leftists will attempt to demean Christians to the point where they don’t feel welcome even in their own country. They pair with atheists whose sole purpose is to ensure that Christianity is relegated to a very special place at the back of the line and out of public sight.

In Pakistan, a similar outlook on Christianity is observed. In a country where a full 98% is listed as Muslim, it is rather unimaginable that anyone who is a Christian would wish to be there, let alone send their children to school there. Recently, at a government-run high school for boys, a young Christian boy was beaten to death by his classmates for having drunk from the same water cooler as them. The teacher? Well, he was busy reading a newspaper as this occurred!

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A teenager from a Christian family has been beaten to death by Muslim classmates at the MC Model Boys Government High School in Pakistan, allegedly for drinking from the same water cooler as them.

Sharoon Masih, described as “an incredibly bright student from an impoverished Christian family” by the British Pakistani Christian Association, was targeted from his first day at the school, where he was the only Christian in his year.

Classmates isolated Sharoon, telling him: “You’re a Christian, don’t dare sit with us if you want to live,” according to Christian Today.

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They also attempted to convert him, slapped him, and verbally abused him as a ‘chura’ — a pejorative term for Christian — and refused to let him use a common drinking water cooler.

Muslims are discouraged from drinking from the same vessels as non-Muslims in Islam, and another Pakistani Christian — Asia Bibi — ended up languishing on death row for years following a dispute over her fitness to carry a water bowl.

Sharoon’s punishment when he drank from the cooler on his fourth day at the school was more immediate, with classmates subjecting him to a fatal beating.

Early reports suggested the teacher present at the time of the attack — named as Nazir Mol — turned a blind eye as Sharoon was pummelled to death, although he claimed he simply did not notice the beating as he was reading a newspaper.

The school’s headteacher suggested the attack actually took place between classes with no teacher present — but the teacher has since been dismissed from his post.

“My son was a kind-hearted, hard-working and affable boy. He has always been loved by teachers and pupils alike and shared great sorrow that he was being targeted by students at his new school because of his faith,” said Sharoon’s mother Razia Bibi.

“Sharoon and I cried every night as he described the daily torture he was subjected to. He only shared details about the violence he was facing. He did not want to upset his father because he had such a caring heart for others.”

This killing of a young Christian teenager at school serves only to remind us that hatred towards religious minorities is bred into the majority population at a young age, through cultural norms and a biased national curriculum.

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I can’t imagine what it was like for the parents to have dealt with their son’s inexcusable death.

It seems that this type of behavior will go on, despite the Christian associations getting involved, simply because the teachers, school, and government itself appears to have no real issue with these incidents. And that is an absolute shame.

Source: Breitbart

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