Sanctuary City Defies ICE, Releases Illegal Alien On Bail — What Happens Next Will Chill You To The Bone

If you set up a location in which law enforcement is to some degree restricted in its ability to police that area, it would seem that, by your decision, you are complicit in the crimes that are committed there. Crimes that perhaps could have been prevented had you not adopted policies keeping law enforcement out. This is precisely the conclusion that advocates of sanctuary cities do not want people to draw.

Yet it makes good sense. Those seeking sanctuary are going to be those most in need of it. Illegal immigrants whose only offense is entering the country might wish to locate in a sanctuary city. Illegal immigrants who are murders, rapists, and drug dealers will certainly want to locate there. Hence it is reasonable to assume that a sanctuary city will have a relatively higher percentage of violent criminals. We can conclude that the decision makers in those jurisdictions adopting sanctuary policies are responsible for the results of their decisions, meaning increased violent crime.

Here’s an example. An illegal alien named Nery Israel Estrada-Margos was released into the community on bail instead of being turned over to ICE. Within two weeks his girlfriend was dead, and Estrada-Margos has been charged with the murder. Had local authorities followed the law and cooperated with ICE, the girl would be alive.

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“According to reports, a sanctuary city in California refused to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) while an illegal alien, Nery Israel Estrada-Margos, was in police custody after an incident on July 31.

“ICE contacted the police department asking to notify the agency when Estrada-Margos was scheduled to be released, but the police released Estrada-Margos after he posted the required $30,000 bail on August 3. According to reports, the police department failed to notify ICE agents.

“Just two weeks later, on August 18, Estrada-Margos turned himself in for allegedly beating his girlfriend to death after a heated argument. A Sonoma County jail is currently holding Estrada-Margos on charges of murder and domestic violence.”

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This is about as plain of an illustration of the stupidity of sanctuary cities as one might imagine.

The sheriff is trying to shift the blame to ICE for the fact that this man was not transferred to federal custody, but it’s not going to work.

“[Sonoma County Sheriff Rob] Giordano stated, ‘We did notify ICE of his release date and time. Sometimes they pick up, sometimes they don’t,’ according to KTVU.”

It would seem the sheriff is playing it fast and loose with the facts. Here is what he is not telling the public:

“KVTU reports: San Francisco’s ICE spokesman, James Schwab, said in a written statement to The Daily Caller:

“Immigration detainers serve as a legally authorized request, upon which a law enforcement agency may rely, to continue to maintain custody of an alien for up to 48 hours so that ICE may assume custody for removal purposes.

“At 8:20 p.m. the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office notified ICE’s local office that Mr. Estrada was pending release. The Sheriff’s Office then released Mr. Estrada 16 minutes later at 8:36 p.m.

Schwab also said that the ‘vast majority’ of notifications Sonoma County has sent over to them ‘have failed to provide sufficient advance notification to pick up these criminals.'”

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So it would appear the sheriff is being deliberately misleading in his public statements in order to shift the blame away for his own and his department’s failure to follow legal procedures.

Hopefully that sheriff and the leaders of that jurisdiction are frequently reminded that it was due to their deliberate policy of obstruction of federal law enforcement that a girl was murdered. So much for “serving and protecting” the people.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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