They Found Them! Look Who We Just Caught Sneaking Across The Mexico Border

While the California courts and Assembly continue to stall the building of the Border Wall on the southern border, citizens continue to pay the price.

That’s because San Diego and hundreds of other villages, towns and cities across the US suffer from the debilitating effects of a porous border that vomits forth criminal after criminal.

There are old women and young men, children and law enforcement agents, who are all dying or being affected by the South and Central American convicted felons.

And what are these felons looking to do? Work hard and live the American dream? Hardly.

They’re simply looking to amass great wealth here in the United States through illegal activities and smuggling, plain and simple.

This week, yet another group of bad players from the south were caught at the border; armed, dangerous, and smuggling drugs for the influential and corrupt government officials who look the other way on behalf of the cartels.

But they weren’t caught by authorities and arrested. No, in fact, these felons and murderers were caught on camera by the feds. In other words, they’re still at large!


Leaked U.S. government surveillance images exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas show armed Mexican cartel smugglers crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and entering into Arizona.

Border Patrol officially confirmed the images’ authenticity in an exclusive interview.

Breitbart Texas agreed to redact portions of the images so that the exact locations of the secret law enforcement border cameras would not be revealed. The images were taken within the past month.

The images were taken in an area of the Tucson Sector in the Huachuca Mountains. The region is controlled by a transnational criminal organization known as Los Salazar.

The regional cartel is aligned with the Sinaloa Federation. Other criminal groups in the Sinaloa Federation are warring against Los Salazar and this manifests in this portion of Arizona becoming their battleground.

The other groups send ‘rip crews’ into Los Salazar’s smuggling turf in efforts to steal their drug loads on U.S. soil.

The area is not only full of Mexican cartel smugglers, but other cartels’ rip crews are present and U.S. prison gangs and other gangs stalk the area to steal drug loads as well.

Such rip crews consist of armed criminals attempting to rip or steal cartel drug loads as they are in transit.”


Tucson Sector Border Patrol Chief Rudolfo Karisch had this to say about the images in question:

“These appear to be authentic of criminal organizations coming across the border.

This is not unique to Arizona, we have seen this in other parts of the country as well all along the Southwest border.

Any time you have illicit commodities crossing the border, you will have criminals trying to protect those commodities — both from law enforcement and from other bad guys.

While the agents questioned by reporters acknowledged that they are working round the clock to end this type of activity, they are still at arms length in many instances from commenting directly on policies and procedures.

Regardless, this is another nail in the coffin of the effort to stop the all-important project of a border wall construction.

We are just whistling past the graveyard if we believe that this problem will go away on its own, because it won’t. Wake up, America!

Source: Breitbart

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