Caught Smuggling Bomb, You Won’t Believe Why Airport Security Still Allowed Radical Muslim On Plane

We live in a crazy, mixed-up world. It’s a world where a Naval service member can snap a photo while inside a submarine and share it, only to be arrested and charged with a serious crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, while another woman can create a homebrew secret server and traffic in highly sensitive classified and top secret information, jeopardizing national security, and get off scot-free!

In Europe, it’s even more convoluted. A Muslim man of 25 twice rapes the 14-year-old daughter of a Swedish woman who opened her home to help him as a “refugee” in a kind and Christian gesture, and when the man is ready to be sentenced, he given a light punishment and not even deported because, as the judge in the case stated, “He’ll only just come back again.”

In England, a Muslim man attempted to board a flight to Italy when he was found to be carrying an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Upon examination of the item that was hidden within the lining of his luggage, it was determined by the agents that it was not a dangerous device and they ALLOWED HIM TO BOARD THE AIRPLANE ANYWAY!

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The Daily Mail:

Nadeem Muhammad, 43, was attempting to board a flight to Bergamo, Italy, on January 30 when security officers at Manchester Airport found the device, made from batteries, tape, a marker pen and pins.

Jonathan Sandiford, prosecuting, told the trial at Manchester Crown Court Muhammad had intended to detonate the device once on board the Ryanair flight.

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But the court heard when airport security swabbed the bomb there was no trace of explosive on the outside and officers did not believe it was a viable device.

Muhammad, who was born in Pakistan but had an Italian passport, was questioned by police but not arrested and on February 5 boarded another flight to Italy.

Mr. Sandiford said: ‘At that stage nobody had realised this was a real device and the defendant was allowed to go on his way.’

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He said it was only on February 8 when the device was examined again that suspicions were raised and the bomb squad was called.

Muhammad was arrested when he returned to the UK on February 12.

Mr. Sandiford said the prosecution could not be sure if terrorism was the motive.

He said: ‘That may be the most likely motive but equally it could be a desire to commit suicide or another purpose altogether.

Muhammad, of Tinline Street, Bury, denies possession of explosives with intent to endanger life or property and an alternative charge of possession of explosives under suspicious circumstances.

In this day of political correctness and Leftist victim ideology, it’s no wonder that our law enforcement is afraid to make the right call and point out the truth. If a man is carrying a bomb onto an airplane, whether or not he’s a Muslim, he should be detained, arrested, and banned from flights for his crimes.

The part about this report that’s telling is when he initially tells authorities that his wife did it, but then, miraculously, tells authorities that someone else must have done it. This is pathetic and every single one of those agents who allowed this man to board the plane later should be fired. You’re putting the rights of one man carrying a bomb over the rights of all the 200 passengers on board the plane. Political correctness is a force of evil that needs to be deleted from society.

Source: The Daily Mail

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