Caught Red-Handed! Guess Who Secretly Told Comey To Protect Hillary From Prosecution, Or Else?!

The rabbit hole we call government corruption just keeps getting deeper and deeper the more we delve into it. And there appears to be no end in sight. We knew that FBI Director James Comey was protecting Hillary after he recommended she not be charged for her criminal negligence in mishandling classified emails on an unsecured server, but we really didn’t know the why.

It wasn’t until later that we learned of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton aboard her plane that we put two and two together and realized that the fix was in and Lynch had instructed Comey on what he was to do, going forward, with the Hillary email episode.

Well, now the big reveal may be about to happen after the FBI got their hands on a “smoking gun” email from the Russian hackers that implicates Lynch where she is quoted as saying “she would literally do anything to protect Hillary Clinton from legal prosecution. She would make sure the FBI did not go ‘too far.” Sadly, Comey was only too willing to cooperate.

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From Right Wing News:

We had heard previously that the FBI got a hold of one email/memo from the Russian hackers that was damning. In it, Loretta Lynch said she would literally do anything to protect Hillary Clinton from legal prosecution. She would make sure the FBI did not go ‘too far’. Why the hell is she still walking around? How much evidence do you need to prove she was complicit in Hillary’s email scandal and corruption? This is an admission of guilt and Comey did nothing. I don’t care if she was his boss, he could have gone after her over this. Just as he should have charged Clinton, Abedin and Weiner with violations of the Espionage Act.

Via Young Conservatives:

Many people are saying this is the biggest news to come out of the hearing with FBI director James Comey.

The FBI obtained an email that Russian hackers had. The email indicated that former DOJ Loretta Lynch, who was nothing but an Obama crony, would do everything she could to protect Hillary from prosecution. This is the smoking gun that points to corruption in the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton to the highest order.

We’ve already known it, now we have proof.

The Right Scoop stated:

Of course Comey wouldn’t reveal who sent the email and to whom it was sent. But it sounds like it was sent from someone who worked closely with Lynch, and sent to someone who was very worried about Clinton going down in flames, probably someone very close to Clinton.

At the end of the segment, Herridge pointed out that Comey suggested he was boxed in by Lynch and here is what she’s talking about:

Right Scoop continued:

I don’t think he’s [Comey] just talking about the meeting Lynch had with Bill Clinton. It sounds like she boxed him in – in more ways than just that meeting. If that new email is any indication, she very likely coerced him directly, pushing him to play the ‘no intent’ defense for Clinton and her aides.

To hear the Democrats and the mainstream media tell it, Donald Trump is the worst scumbag to ever sit in the Oval Office. However, when we consider Hillary’s criminal history, Barack Obama’s attempted preemption and manipulation of the American electoral system, the Democratic National Committee’s sordid acts to slander Trump, it’s clear to see the Democrats deserve all the punishment that the American justice system can throw at them!

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And let’s have Loretta lead the way into prison.

Source: Right Wing News

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