Look Who’s Facing Life In Prison For Planning Car Bomb Attack With Al-Qaeda

When we think of Islamic terror groups such as ISIS or al-Qaeda and the threats they pose to America, we are drawn to the fear that they will slip through our borders undetected or into our military bases abroad, possibly with weapons. They would then execute their predetermined plan resulting in horrific death totals.

Yet there is another threat that doesn’t require smuggling weapons by foreign terrorists. This would come from American citizens whose sympathies lie with Muslim extremists, and who convert to Islam and link up with terrorist groups. As awful as it is to contemplate, this is not a threat to be ignored.

An American named Muhanad Mahmoud has been convicted of giving aid to al-Qaeda and in planning to bomb a US military base in Afghanistan. While that’s not the same as a terror attack on our homeland, it does illustrate the problem of Americans choosing to betray their country and linking up with terrorists. If it can happen on a US military base, it can happen in the US.

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“American citizen Muhanad Mahmoud Al Farekh was found guilty Friday of helping al-Qaeda plan a car attack on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

“Jurors found Farekh guilty of supporting a foreign terrorist organization, conspiring to murder Americans and using a weapon of mass destruction, Reuters reports.

“‘Today, an American al-Qaeda member was brought to justice in a U.S. courtroom,’ said Bridget Rohde, the acting U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.”

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While it’s always a relief to see a terrorist taken out of circulation, it gives little comfort when one considers that these are “home grown” terrorists, fellow citizens who have become traitors.

Americans were fortunate this time as Farekh’s attempted attack was botched.

“Two vehicles full of bombs hit Forward Operating Base Chapman in Afghanistan Jan. 19, 2009, and the ensuing explosion killed one Afghan and injured several others. But the larger bombs failed to detonate because the second car crashed as a result of the explosion from the first car, leaving Americans totally unscathed. Farekh’s fingerprints were found on the bomb that never exploded.”

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That Americans were uninjured by this attack gives us comfort. But is also servers as a reminder of our vulnerability. And relying on the incompetence of those plotting to kill Americans is hardly an acceptable plan.

Liberals scream at the idea of some sort of profiling or extra vetting being implemented with regard to Muslims arriving here from foreign lands. They would also throw temper tantrums over government surveillance of Islamic temples where firebrand imams preach violence against America.

One can only wonder what their reaction would be if one of their family members got blown to bits by a terrorist radicalized and energized by violent Islamic teachings.

The point that must be made over and over to the left is that our national security agencies were not sitting around trying to find a religious group to persecute. Islam drew attention to itself by the violent actions and threatening words of some of its leaders. One thing that would be helpful would be for those who purport to be moderate Muslims to band together to condemn those within their fold who are murders and terrorists.

Yet we cannot simply hope that Muslim terrorists turn out to be bunglers nor that moderates will reign in the extremists and terrorists. The responsibility for our security lies in our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

If we want to keep Americans alive, those on the front lines of working to that goal deserve our support.

Source: Daily Caller

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