BREAKING: Capitol Police Drop Bombshell On Obama’s Muslim Spy Ring…Barack Is Speechless!

One very disturbing feature of the Obama administration was Mr. Obama’s fascination with Muslims and with appointing Muslims to positions of influence in our government. We would never claim that all followers of Islam are dangers to the Republic, but some are.

And Mr. Obama seemed indifferent to the risk that supporters of radical Islam might pose if placed in government positions. Or worse, perhaps he approved of those views and wanted them promoted. Whatever his reason, it is well that Mr. Obama is no longer appointing people to positions within our government.

Getting rid of those who represent a danger to our country by advocating for principles in opposition to our Constitution is now President Trump’s problem. And he has already fired some who would act to betray the bedrock principles underlying our form of government – thanks Obama.

This would be an example of the sort of danger to which Mr. Obama has subjected this nation, and which the Trump administration needs to root out: “Three Muslim brothers who worked for the intelligence departments within the federal government were caught accessing top secret, highly classified information. These brothers were all hired by the Obama administration with annual salaries of $160,000 dollars.”

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Not bad pay. What else do we know about this trio? “Abid Awan, Imran Awan, and Jamal Awan are three Muslim brothers who worked within the IT department for Democrat members of the House Permanent Intelligence Committee. They accessed classified information and may be the leak that alerted jihadis in Yemen, letting them know our Navy SEALs were coming, resulting in the death of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens.” Again, we have this odd fascination by liberals with Muslims. In this case, it is possible that these three really did some serious damage and got one person killed.

It’s a strange marriage, this relationship between radical Islam and the Democrats. It is clear that they could not be further apart on issues such as gay rights, toleration of alternative lifestyles, free speech, and women’s rights. It’s as though the left is ready to jettison or ignore some of its most dearly held causes in order to curry favor with militant Islam.

But justice appears forthcoming: these brothers are awaiting a possible indictment. “Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan, who are under a U.S. Capitol Police criminal investigation for their use of congressional IT systems and alleged theft and over-billing of computer equipment, are still awaiting an indictment.”

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The end of Mr. Obama’s presidency marked the end of an eight-year nightmare that included a failed healthcare program, increased covert and military intervention in the Middle-East and other locations, massive increases in the national debt, a worsening of race-relations, and an out-of-control secretary of state using her office to fund her own foundation. And lastly, hiring those who planned to do harm to our nation, working right inside our nation’s capital!

It must be a strong republic we have that we can survive such malfeasance.

Source: Mad World News

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