Canada Wanted All Refugees, But Now They Don’t! Instead, They Want THIS!

Donald Trump did not invent the illegal immigrant problem so that he could have a campaign issue on which to run. The problem not only predates Mr. Trump’s candidacy, it also is a problem that exists in many other places in the world. It just so happens that President Trump has identified it as something he believes needs to be addressed.

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Other national leaders have looked the other way with disastrous consequences. Note the crisis in Sweden, and the damage done to the social fabric of Germany under Chancellor Merkel’s government. The citizens of those nations suffer as their leaders engage in misgovernment for one reason or another.

As much as we’ve focused on our southern border due to the continuous flow of illegals from and through Mexico into the U.S., there’s also an issue to the North. In this case, the concern is not one of illegals entering the U.S. from Canada, but the other way around.

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It would seem there are asylum seekers entering Canada illegally from the U.S. prompting some in Canada to call for stricter monitoring of the border. That’s no small job, as the border is about 4,000 miles long, not including the border between Canada and Alaska.

The issue has recently appeared in the Canadian press. “Canadian news recently has been full of images of migrants trudging across snow-covered fields and through icy ditches, hauling small children and suitcases as they cross into Quebec, Manitoba and other provinces from U.S. border states. The phenomenon has gained momentum since Donald Trump was elected president in November.”

In fact, Canada now has their own version of Donald Trump seeking leadership of the Conservative Party which is currently out of power. “Kevin O’Leary, a reality-TV celebrity and neophyte politician who has taken a Trump-like approach to his quest for the Conservative leadership, says that ­illegal crossings are ‘unacceptable’ and that Canada must beef up its border security to avert a flood of refugees. ‘I don’t want what’s happening in Europe to happen in Canada,’ he said in a recent campaign video.”

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While we cannot comment on O’Leary’s qualifications for office, what reasonable person would want what is happening in Europe to arrive in their country? Only those on the left, who convince themselves that somehow this time it’s going to be different.

O’Leary is not alone in his concern. “Another top leadership hopeful, Maxime Bernier, a member of Parliament from Quebec, would go even further. If more police and the border security agents fail to stop the flow of migrants, ‘I would look at additional temporary measures, including deploying Canadian forces in troubled border areas,’ he said.”

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All of this puts pressure on the Liberal administration of Prime Minister Trudeau, something he would prefer to avoid. In so doing he handle, or mishandle, the situation in the same way as his political soulmates in Germany and other European nations have dealt with migrants.

Like so many ideas sacred to the left, open borders and uncontrolled immigration just do not work. At least not unless your overarching goal is the destruction of the nation-state and the promotion of globalism at any price.

Source: Washington Post

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