Guess What Liberals Want Us To Call Welfare Leeches From Now On?

Carried to its extreme, political correctness is going to turn this world into a modern day equivalent of what life became post the Tower of Babel, that being one where the language becomes so confounded that people cannot communicate anymore. This does not mean the creation of new languages. Instead, it implies a situation where words have been drained of their meanings.

Perhaps the best example of this was provided by that eminent philosopher, Bill Clinton, who admonished us on the importance of determining what the meaning of the word “is” is. When it gets to that point, people are just talking past each other rather than exchanging meaningful thoughts.

Germany is unwilling to be left out of the political correctness revolution that continues as a plague in every nation and culture it impacts. Its government has determined that referring to those who choose to live off of generous government benefits as “welfare leeches” is insulting. Hence, this must be banned and replaced with the term, “economically inactive.” Of course, dead people would also qualify as being “economically inactive,” but the point is not to achieve clarity in language, but exactly the opposite.

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“Germany’s politically correct officials — being smothered in a migrant crisis of their own making — have been working for years to avoid the hard truths of crime and unemployment that have followed its ‘open-door’ policies for refugees from North Africa and the Middle East.

“Now, the government is trotting out a new term to describe the migrants in their country who routinely abuse their public welfare system that contains an irony all its own: ‘Economically Inactive.'”

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What is happening here is that Germany is attempting to deal with the problems resulting from its unwise immigration policies by creating an additional problem. Nothing gets fixed. No one is helped or forced to leave the welfare roles. Instead, the words are changed to mask the problem.

If you are hopeful that this sort of nonsense will stop, we’ve got good news, sort of. It will, but it might take the disintegration of cultures to accomplish it. In other words, a day of reckoning as a result of the compounding of one stupid decision with another is a sure thing.

So it’s not a matter of if social structures will collapse, but when and how. What is hoped for is that there will remain a few beacons of truth to help those in chaotic societies to find their way back to sanity.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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