California Senate Defies Trump 27-12…Illegals Celebrate…WHOA!

It’s an amazing development in what is more than just an amazing time in our nation’s history. The whole tradition of immigrants arriving in the U.S. legally, seeking to become part of America and build a better life for themselves  has been turned into a lawless process of harboring and providing welfare benefits to those who did not follow our laws in entering the country. And the fact that Governor Jerry Brown supports this lawlessness comes as no surprise.

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California is not satisfied with just having sanctuary cities, it looks possible that it will become the first “sanctuary state.” The entire sanctuary movement is simply an effort to prevent the arrest of those in violation of federal immigration laws. The jurisdictions that are part of this movement refuse to cooperate with ICE officials, effectively harboring criminals.

Recall that this is the second time that Jerry Brown has served as governor of California. That a state could have both Ronald Reagan and Jerry Brown serve as governor within a relatively short time frame is remarkable as well. What can they be thinking? Are they thinking?

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Nevertheless, this state has chosen Jerry Brown as its leader and he has chosen to move California in the direction of becoming the nation’s first sanctuary state. The move has started in the California Senate. “According to The Sacramento Bee, Senate Bill 54 would prohibit funds from being used for local California authorities to assist federal immigration enforcement. It passed Monday on a party-line vote, 27-12, and was headed to the lower house.”

So the state is preparing to tell its cities and counties that they may have no part in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. This really dovetails nicely with the growing secession movement in that state. After all, if this passes and becomes law, the state will have, effectively, declared its independence from a body of federal law. That’s not the same thing as a state becoming its own nation of course, but it is a move in the same direction.

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Note the different positions of Democratic and Republican leaders. “‘We are trying to make our communities safer and be intelligent about this,’ Democrat Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León said.” How this bill accomplishes that remains a mystery.

The Republican interpretation of this action is, as expected, quite different. “‘This bill is unsafe,’ said Sen. Jeff Stone, a Republican. ‘This bill is unlawful. This bill is designed to make California a sanctuary for certain dangerous criminals.'”

You get more of what you subsidize, and for a state that is weighed down already by subsidy costs, California can ill afford to add to its financial woes, especially by taking actions that violate federal law.

In one sense, it often seems from its policies and actions as though California is already its own country, with the declaration of itself as an independent nation being just a formality.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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