You Are Not Going To Believe Who California Is Suing For $54 Billion

The day that the left discovered that the will of the people could be subverted by the decisions of federal judges was a sad day for our republic. While the constitution must be protected as well as the rights of minorities, these imperatives have morphed into an agenda to interpret the law in ways that allows activist judges to legislate from the bench and push typically liberal agendas.

In so doing, they have encouraged the filing of untold frivolous lawsuits as well as those specifically designed to overturn laws that in no way violate our constitution. In essence, the federal courts have become very active exponents for specific political ideologies and goals, typically those of the left.

In evidence of this fact, we present the case of three California counties suing 37 oil and coal companies for allegedly rising sea levels due to their purported unfriendly environmental policies. Where is this country headed when such nonsense is taken seriously in as important an institution as our federal courts? This is not a serious lawsuit but a publicity stunt or shake-down operation masquerading as such.

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“Three California counties sued 37 of the world’s largest oil and coal companies Monday for damages related to global warming-induced sea level rise.

“Marin County, San Mateo County and Imperial Beach filed separate, but virtually identical, lawsuits claiming that oil companies bear responsibility for the sea level rise harming in coastal counties. County lawyers claim flooding is more frequent and beaches are eroding more rapidly.

“The counties want reimbursement for current and future financial losses from sea level rise, in addition to punitive damages. The plaintiffs don’t set a specific number for damages, but estimate they’ll need at least $54 billion dollars over the coming decades.”

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You might think these counties have just conjured this up as a way of getting some federal loot to bail themselves out of financial problems. However, one would be advised not to attribute even that marginal level of integrity to this act. The purpose is to open up a new form of litigation, that being “climate litigation.”

In other words, since the “old-fashioned” in Congress and the Trump administration will not bow the knee of fealty before the climate change gods, it’s time to go to the courts to ram that unproven science down everyone’s throats whether they like it or not, Al Gore be praised. So those who own businesses and do not accept the climate change gospel as true, will be sued into submission.

“‘This is a long-anticipated move in climate litigation,’ Michael Burger, executive director of environmental law at Columbia University, told The San Francisco Chronicle. ‘You’ll find pieces of it in other cases, but bringing it together like this is different than what’s been done before. You can expect there will be a great deal of interest in how this litigation proceeds.’

“The lawsuits claim energy companies knew their drilling activities were damaging Earth by causing global warming, but attempted to discredit scientific findings instead.”

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“There will be a great deal of interest in how this litigation proceeds.” No kidding. How long will it be before law schools are training students in prosecuting “climate litigation” cases? Perhaps they are already doing so.

These petroleum companies are typically enormous firms. Which means they have a lot of money available to be confiscated should judgments be returned against them. This is a case of the supply of funds feeding the demand for litigation.

With governments going broke, have they found a new way of raising funds, not to fix their budgets as that would require fiscal restraint, but to continue to fund their profligate ways until they find a new victim to attack?

Source: Daily Caller

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