Mexico Pissed As President Trump Just Dropped Brilliant Border Wall Announcement

You really have to hand it to the Leftist media. They are absolutely tunnel-vision focused on Mexico and the border wall. Nothing gets the fake news mills’ dander up more than Trump and his continued forging ahead with plans to build the border wall and stop illegal immigration in its tracks.

One of the easiest ways to know that the border wall will do exactly what its advocates say it will do is to just listen to the Liberal anchors and their constant whining about how this wall will be ineffective, too expensive, and will do nothing but separate family members from their loved ones. It is truly one of the rare times that you’ll hear a Liberal complaining about too much money being spent.

At the G20 conference, Trump met for the first time with Mexican President Pena Nieto and they discussed NAFTA, trade, and the border wall. When Trump and Nieto were conveniently located at their mics for the press conference, one of the first questions out of the mouth of the press was, “Mr. Trump, are you still insisting that Mexico pay for the Wall?” Trump’s answer was unequivocal. “Absolutely.”

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Independent Journal Review:

After the meeting, Trump and President Peña Nieto held a short press event where Trump was asked, “Mr. Trump, do you still want Mexico to pay for the wall?”

The president responded, “Absolutely.” The event ended shortly after that.

Trump and Peña Nieto were meeting in Germany at the G-20 Summit happening today. Trump said that during the meeting the two leaders discussed trade policy, specifically NAFTA renegotiations. The president said they “made very good progress.”

Peña Nieto also mentioned NAFTA saying, “I’m sure this is going to help us continue a great flowing dialogue that will allow for the negotiations of NAFTA.”

One of the most amazing things about this border wall business is that a plurality of Americans believe that it must be built and that, even if the government decides that the costs might be prohibitive, taxpayers have welcomed an opportunity to pay for the wall even if it means private donations. That’s how intense this debate is and just goes to show you that as much as the Liberal press leads you by the nose to believe that most Americans are against his structure, it’s just not supported. Much of the exit polling last year proved that the issues on which Donald Trump stood were the stances that got him elected.

As for the president of Mexico, there’s really not much he can do to avoid paying for this wall. When all is said and done, the re-negotiations with both Mexico and Canada on this terrible North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement will be geared toward leveling the playing field between us and them. Part of that leveling will be the attached memo that ensures that Mexico foot the bill for the wall.

Source:  Independent Journal Review

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