BREAKING: Trump Drops Massive BOMBSHELL On Sanctuary Cities…They All Are Shaking In Their BOOTS!

In the strange world that Mr. Obama has helped create, there are government programs put in place specifically to circumvent the prosecution of those who violate the laws. It’s a really bizarre notion when you think about it. Either a law that exists should be enforced, or the law should be repealed. To have laws in place and then refuse to enforce them makes no sense at all – that is unless you have an unpopular political agenda to push, as has been the case with Mr. Obama.

What we’re discussing specifically here are “sanctuary cities,” which are locations to which illegal aliens can flee to avoid arrest or deportation. When you recognize Mr. Obama’s agenda of filling the US with as many migrants as possible, it all makes perfect sense. Unable to get legislation through Congress to weaken or eliminate immigration laws, he simply set up mechanisms by which those laws can be subverted. Hence, sanctuary cities are one of his tools.

Reform of the open immigration policies of the Obama administration is one of Donald Trump’s primary goals. Securing the borders, building the wall, deporting illegal aliens – all of these are projects that received major attention during his campaign and on which he intends to begin work at once. The good news is that there are things Mr. Trump can do immediately to get started on cracking down on sanctuary cities.

The battle to get illegal immigration under control can be expected to begin on Inauguration Day. The reason is that there are a number of things Mr. Trump can do on his own, like enforcing the laws already on the books that Mr. Obama ignored.

Mr. Trump’s authority to do this was, “reinforced by a USA Today report arguing that Trump’s administration will have ‘broad powers’ in terms of prosecuting and otherwise cracking down on sanctuary cities. The range of powerful options Trump will have includes not just federal lawsuits, but also the power to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in grants that states and cities rely on.”

If these cities acting as sanctuaries for illegal aliens refuse to cooperate with the Trump administration, then, “As attorney general, [Jeff] Sessions could sue sanctuary cities for violating federal law in their refusal to cooperate with immigration enforcement.”

There’s an even more direct approach that would have immediate impact: “Another weapon in Trump’s arsenal against sanctuary cities would be his administration’s ability to cut federal funding.”

No question about it. The ability of people to enter this country in violation of its laws and remain here in violation of additional laws is about to come to an end. Mark one campaign promise about to be fulfilled.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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