Breaking: Kellyanne Conway Just Made History…And Nobody Is Talking About It!

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, accomplished what the mainstream media said was impossible: Manage a national campaign that put Donald Trump in the White House. This is as historic as it is magnificent.

With the Electoral College vote completed last Monday, the election of Mr. Trump is official. So Mrs. Conway received a terrific Christmas present while working tirelessly to see that Americans got the same one, too.

The media can’t really hide the Electoral College result, as offensive as they found it to be. But they have ignored one remarkable first, “Kellyanne Conway is the first female campaign manager in history to have her candidate elected to the White House.”

Hence, we can offer huge congratulations to Mrs. Conway.

You would think something as historic as that would be reported prominently in the major media – after all, aren’t these self-appointed guardians of the truth the unvarnished champions of women’s rights and women’s accomplishments?  Well, apparently not – unless the lady in question happens to be a leftist.

However Conway is no leftist.  In fact she has credentials that any conservative would be proud to display:  “Kellyanne Conway is a phenomenal woman. She is president and CEO of the Polling Company, which she founded in 1995.  She has a rockstar Conservative resume having worked with clients like: Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, Reps. Steve King and Michele Bachmann, and FreedomWorks, Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, National Rifle Association, and Family Research Council.”

But her hard work will not go unnoticed! Fox News announced her new role in the Trump administration:

Kellyanne Conway, the indefatigable campaign operative who became the face of Donald Trump’s successful presidential bid, has been named counselor to the president.

Conway, who joined Trump’s team as campaign manager in August, announced earlier this week on Fox News she was moving from her New Jersey home to Washington, signaling a pending position in the incoming Trump administration. Thursday’s announcement from the transition team laid out her new role.

Conway will work with senior administration officials to communicate and execute Trump’s legislative priorities, the statement said.

Congratulations, Kellyanne. You have brought credit to yourself, and the opportunity for real renewal to your nation. And to top it off, you vindicated the wisdom of Donald Trump’s selecting you for that vital position.

Merry Christmas!

Source:  Joe for America, Fox News


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