BOOM — Look How President Trump Will Start Building Border Wall — Americans Are Bursting With Pride!

The Democrats seem to think they can stop President Trump’s border wall with Mexico. They would be mistaken. While they have gotten very good at making accusations and tying up legislation, when it comes to actual accomplishments, even when the majority party, they just don’t perform.

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The border wall was a big ticket item during his campaign. Generating plenty of debate, and no small amount of criticism from the left, President Trump has a lot riding on this project. And in spite of opposition, it looks like it’s going to be a reality.

The border wall project has started. “According to CNN, ‘The [2017] money will fund 14 miles of new border wall in San Diego, 28 miles of new levee wall barriers and six miles of new border wall in the Rio Grande Valley region and 14 miles of replacement fencing in San Diego.'”

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What Brietbart points out are the net savings that will result from the construction of this wall. “CNN’s report does not say how much of the $1 billion planned for extra spending in early 2017 would be allocated to planning and long-term construction of the border fence, which is expected to stretch along much of the nation’s 2,000-mile border. The fence or wall is expected to annually save tens of billions of dollars in reduced spending on illegals and also on offsetting the wage-cutting impact of illegal immigrants.”

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Not surprisingly, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a beneficiary of increased funding in the president’s upcoming budget proposals. “If the requested budget amendments are approved by Congress, the DHS 2017 budget in 2017 would rise by $3 billion. The budget plan also calls for the DHS 2018 budget to be set at $44 billion. A comprehensive budget request for FY 2018 will be delivered to Congress in May.”

The border wall consumes much of this money, but other law enforcement efforts will get a boost. For example, the number of ICE employees will grow as will the facilities needed to detain and eventually deport illegal aliens.

President Trump is a man who wants to see action. His is that personality type that just doesn’t do well sitting around, waiting for things to happen on their own. No doubt much of this is a product of his years in business. But the political process, with all of its delays and red tape, must create a frustrating environment for him.

In all, we are returning to being a nation with borders that mean something, and with immigration policies that welcome those who wish to follow our laws, beginning with the those governing the process of entering out country.

Source: Breitbart

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