Border Patrol Stop Suspicious Drivers — What They Come Face To Face With Inside The Vehicles Will Make Your Blood Curdle!

Law enforcement personnel place their lives on the line so often that lighting the White House up with blue lights in their honor once a year hardly seems sufficient. Who knows how many of us are alive today because dangerous criminals have been removed from our communities before they could strike?

Our Border Patrol agents act as a first line of defense in keeping criminals out of this country. As such, they deserve the support being offered to them by President Trump, and not the disdain they received from multiple levels of the Obama administration, including from Mr. Obama himself.

Examples of the effectiveness and value of our border patrol agents were just demonstrated in three incidents in which vehicles were stopped and armed criminals were arrested and taken into custody.

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Our lives might seem mundane when compared with those of “Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona [who] arrested three armed human smugglers in three separate incidents.” These people are not being smuggled into our country to accomplish peaceful objectives.

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Here’s an example of what Border Patrol does to make our nation more secure.

A tip from a citizen led Border Patrol to investigate a vehicle which had picked up an individual walking out of the desert.

“After questioning the U.S. citizen driver and the passenger, agents determined the passenger to be illegally present in the country. Agents reported the driver of the vehicle was carrying a 9 mm pistol. Agents arrested the driver on suspicion of human smuggling charges and confiscated the handgun and the car. The passenger, a Mexican national, will be processed for an immigration hearing to determine if he will be removed.”

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The piece by Breitbart goes on to discuss two other incidents similar to this one. What is being dealt with here is the smuggling of criminals from Mexico into the U.S. by American citizens, no doubt for a substantial fee.

“CBP officials stated the illegal immigrants will all be process for immigration hearings to determine if they will be deported. The four U.S. citizens arrested are expected to face federal charges of human smuggling.”

We offer a thank you on a job well done by Border Patrol. May we suggest that any property confiscated in the commission of such crimes be sold and the revenue be used to build the border wall? These public servants deserve all the help they can get.

Source: Breitbart

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