SHOCK REPORT: Border Patrol Just Did Something AWESOME…Americans Are Saved!

The reality that some of our fellow Americans who are on the left cannot accept is that there are bad people with bad intentions who wish to enter this country, and that it is the just power of the government to stop them. This means that there will be hassles at the border, especially for those not in possession of a US passport. Too bad. No one has the right to enter this country except for its citizens.

The controversy over foreign nationals entering this country is but one of many hot button issues, yet it is near the top of the list. The left seem incapable of accepting limitations on those entering this country. The Ninth Circuit appeals court cannot even continence a temporary ban on travel from selected countries even though a law exists giving the president the right to impose just such a ban. That restrictions on travel and immigration are needed is illustrated by a recent event on the Canadian border.

While the Ninth Circuit court was trying to figure out if the president had the power to temporarily ban foreign nationals from entering the country, “a northern border patrol unit stopped a second-generation Moroccan migrant from crossing into America. While being questioned by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, Canadian-born Yassine Aber, 19, was found to have ties to Islamic State terrorists which most likely wouldn’t have been detected without the Trump administration’s cracking down on threats to national security.”

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that, “agents discovered photos on Aber’s cell phone of Samir Halilovic, a devout Muslim believed to have fled Canada in 2014 to become an ISIS militant in Syria. Not only that but a simple search of Aber’s phone, which wasn’t typical protocol under the Obama administration, revealed that the teen attends the same terror-tied mosque that Halilovic attended and the pair has the same group of friends.”

Would Aber actually present a danger to Americans, or does he just do a terrible job of picking his friends? In either case, this young man’s rights were not violated because he had no right to enter this country. And that’s a point that apparently is going to have to be made over and over. It is impossible to violate a right that does not exist.

Certainly there will be those turned away at our borders who represent no threat at all. It’s unfortunate that people do not arrive with their intentions being obvious. Hence the work of those who control our borders and seek those who are here illegally is vital.

Whatever the case, Americans have a very real right to expect the government they fund with taxes to protect them. Non-citizens have no right to be here, hence detaining them at the border before granting or denying them permission to enter is simply a case of the government doing its job.

President Trump will remain under fire from the left for his entire time in office. This is to be expected. Some will never adjust to the fact that Obama is gone, Hillary lost, and Donald Trump is president. Expect all sorts of accusations to be hurled at his administration, if for no other reason than to try to do anything conceivable to derail his agenda which is the agenda on which he ran for president.

Source: Mad World News

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