Boom! See What President Trump Just Took Away From Obama — Barack Is Boiling Mad

When Hillary Clinton was doing a cozy little sit-down with West Virginians during her campaign last year, I can still recall the pointed question by a man, Bo Copley, who was an out-of-work coal miner. He wanted to know why she had promised to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” as she had vowed at a debate. Hesitating and smiling ingratiatingly, the liar insisted that she misspoke and she was taken out of context. Needless to say, coal states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee did not believe her.

President Trump, at the same time, was vowing to restore all these coal jobs, that he was going after the strangling regulations set up by the Obama administration through the EPA as a way of doing just what Hillary had promised to keep doing should she be elected. His calls to increase jobs in the coal sectors would be a two-fold approach of replacing the job-killing restrictions with sensible alternatives and ensuring that these states would be shielded from frivolous lawsuits from Leftist environmental groups bent on destroying the energy sector of the economy.

The clean air alternative regulations installed initially by the Obama administration was a giant farce to begin with anyway, as the very nature of the bulk of our electric power grid is driven by coal. Donald Trump has paired with EPA Director Scott Pruitt to announce an amazing update to the archaic and restrictive policies of the Obama administration. Pruitt, in an event in Hazard, Kentucky, stated that the restrictions of the past were now going to be a thing of the past. On Monday, Pruitt and the president were going to end the draconian measures of Obama and free the coal industry from its manacles of oppression!

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Fox News:

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced Monday that the Trump administration is moving to scrap the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s signature regulatory program to curb emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Pruitt made the announcement at an event in Hazard, Ky., casting the previous policy as unfair.

“That rule really was about picking winners and losers,” Pruitt said. “The past administration was unapologetic, they were using every bit of power, authority to use the EPA to pick winners and losers on how we pick electricity in this country. That is wrong.”

He said that on Tuesday, he will sign a proposed rule to formally withdraw from the plan.

“It is right for this administration to say the war is over,” Pruitt said.

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The decision comes after President Trump in late March ordered a review of the controversial program, which was put on hold more than a year ago by the Supreme Court amid legal challenges from, among others, Pruitt himself.

The Clean Power Plan aimed to reduce carbon emissions from coal-burning power plants by having states meet certain targets. Supporters see the plan as a critical plank in efforts to curb global warming, but critics contend it would kill thousands of jobs and take direct aim at the struggling coal sector.

The move to officially nix the program was expected, following Trump’s vow to end what he calls the “war on coal.”

Pruitt, however, can likely expect a new wave of litigation from the other side of the debate, as environmentalist groups and allied Democrats are sure to challenge the rollback.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune threatened such a court fight shortly after Monday’s announcement.

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Despite the EPA challenges that lie ahead, the fact of the matter is that these changes will go through. The Sierra Club and the rest of the Global Warming Kool-Aid drinkers on the Left will perform the usual, obligatory stabs at the merciless and cruel, evil Republicans who want to starve children, kill old people, poison your water, and infect your food. And the Fake News Industrial Complex will follow through as well with headlines after headlines that repeat the Alinsky tactics verbatim.

Chances are that the Hillary Clintons and the Barack Hussein Obamas will also weigh in on this DIRE announcement that will enable us to see the ocean levels rise within a few months!  I’m confident that the hullaballoo will end just as soon as the next NFL player kneels during the anthem, or Mueller gets a few people with Russian last names subpoenaed, but the policies of Obama will become history…thankfully…and many, many deserving coal workers will go back to work for their lucrative paychecks and rural America will remember this in 2020 when the Party of the Jackass members will begin telling the public that they will restore the jobs to the middle-class.  I’m willing to bet that the Dems will be getting nothing for Christmas except maybe some coal in their stockings.

Source:  Fox News

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