After Insane Racist Blather On Tucker Carlson, Leftist Loon Gets What She Richly Deserves

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A tactic used by the leftists to gain sympathy is to constantly play the victim of some alleged, and most likely imaginary, injustice perpetrated against them by their supposed oppressors.

In this particular case, it’s an anti-white college professor railing about white privilege.

“White privilege” is the excuse invented by Black Lives Matter activists to explain why they believe white people seem to have better educations, get better jobs, and live better lives than their black neighbors.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, interviewed Professor Lisa Durden from Essex County College on June 6th who went off on a racist, hate filled rant and then got suspended two days later for what she said.

The Black Lives Matter activist had some rather sarcastic words for Carlson.

From The Daily Caller:

A former professor at Essex County College was indefinitely suspended two days after her heated appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Lisa Durden was told that she had to cancel her classes and report to Essex County College’s human resources department two days after a June 6 appearance on the prime time Fox News show. School officials then indefinitely suspended her.

“They did this to humiliate me,” Durden told The Star-Ledger. “Essex County College publicly lynched me in front of my students.”

Durden went off on the show in defense of a black-only Memorial Day party organized by Black Lives Matter, dodging a direct question from Carlson on whether it’s okay to exclude people based on race.

“I thought the whole point of Black Lives Matter, or one of the points, would be to speak out against singling people out on the basis of their race and punishing them for that — because you can’t control what your race is — and yet they seem to be doing that. Explain that to me,” Tucker said.

“What I say to that is boo hoo hoo you white people are angry because you couldn’t use your white privilege card to get invited to the Black Lives Matters, all black, Memorial Day celebration,” Durden replied, cutting off Carlson.

Here’s the video of the heated exchange:

“White folks crack me up,” she said. “All of a sudden, when we want one day for black folks to focus on ourselves but you’ve been having white days forever, you don’t say the words anymore because you know its politically incorrect.”

After the show, Durden received a letter from the vice president for academic affairs at Essex County College, informing her that she was suspended “until further notice.”

It seems that the most likely place to hear racist remarks and encounter actual “racism” is on today’s college campuses by black college professors with an ax to grind.

It’s sad too because most white people were hoping that we had moved past all the anger, resentment, and hatred.

But as long as there are political points to be scored and influence to be gained by keeping the conflict alive, there will always be those who will use the opportunity to enrich or empower themselves.

It’s called “human nature!”

Durden’s suspension is exactly what should have happened to keep the peace on campus!

Source: The Daily Caller

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