Black Lives Matter STRIKES Again! Guess Who They Have Invited To Their Next Open Meeting?

The Black Lives Matter movement has been one of strife and violence since its inception. They call for law enforcement authorities to stop their “heinous” attacks on those who are breaking the law, especially those who are African-Americans.

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This targeting of police based on the assumption that the police are targeting felons has gotten completely out of hand. However, most liberals, regardless of their racial background, have stepped up to support the Black Lives Matter cause, by walking in protests, attending meetings, perhaps even donating some money.

But no more. The Philadelphia Black Lives Matter group has made it perfectly clear whom they are inviting to their next open meeting: blacks only. 

From The Daily Wire:

Sad news for white leftists in Philadelphia who want to support the Black Lives Matter movement by attending the group’s meetings in person. According to BLM Philly, white people are banned from future gatherings and are not allowed to be official members of the organization because it is considered a “black only space.”

Does anyone sense the incredible IRONY here?

As the Daily Caller reports:

The April 15 meeting plans to discuss projects and initiatives for the upcoming year and act as a  place for people to “meet, strategize and organize.” While children are invited to attend, white people are explicitly banned from the meeting, according to the Facebook event page.

When people began questioning the ban on whites over Twitter, Black Lives Matter Philly stayed by their ban, explaining that their meetings are “black centered.”

Anyone who identifies as “African disapora” is allowed to attend, the group explained over Twitter.

“If you identify as a person of the African Diaspora You can attend our meetings and become a member. If not you can support us in other ways,” Philly BLM said in a tweet. “African Disapora” usually refers to people who were taken out of Africa during the Transatlantic Slave Trades.

Naturally, Twitter went wild with their segregation of those who are not from African descent:

Leave it to the Black Lives movement to become completely and entirely racist, even against their own liberal friends who happen to be Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, etc. It’s so frustrating to see this group point the finger at every non-African American and call them racist, when they in turn are the real racists. But how do you educate them on something they should clearly see?

It’s time for everyone to take a deep breath, go to work, love their families, go to church, and live by the Golden Rule. Life would be much more beautiful for all!

Source: The Daily Wire

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