Bill Clinton’s Sex Crimes Are Worse Than Anyone Thought — New Evidence Reveals All

A new book about Hillary Clinton’s ability to blame just about everything for her colossally humiliating loss to Donald Trump for the presidency is premiering titled, “What Happened.” As far as I could see, there was no question mark after the title, but perhaps there should have been, because she still seems to have absolutely no idea how she lost the contest. It would not be a surprise to learn in the book that she blames Climate Change for the loss…or did she already do that?

Anyway, there is also a new biography about former House Speaker Newt Gingrich about to hit the bookstores entitled, “Citizen Newt: The Making of a Reagan Conservative.” The book delves into the times of the “Conservative Revolution” and the Contract With America. But it also spends a bit of time on President Clinton…and his penchant for skirts.

The author digs into the many, MANY instances of Bill Clinton going above and beyond to show his affection (reciprocated and unwanted) for all the very special women in his life. The book also makes a point of saying that this was a well-established fact in Washington…that everyone was aware of his shortcomings…and were blown away by the fact that he was never brought up on charges and that Hillary put up with for a much longer time than what was initially suspected!

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Western Journalism:

In a new book titled Citizen Newt, the Making of a Reagan Conservative, biographer Craig Shirley discussed former President Bill Clinton’s “womanizing and its impact on his early presidency.”

“Everybody knew somebody who had a story about Clinton grabbing or groping a woman,” Shirley wrote in the book, which was provided to The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard prior to its Aug. 29 release.

The astonishing thing was not just that he got away with it, repeatedly, without being sued, but that Hillary put up with it, as did the American people. But Clinton had perfected the talent of ‘getting away with it’ since his childhood. He could, as they say, charm the pants off of you. Or her,” Shirley wrote.

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Shirley referenced an American Spectator story from 2012 claiming Arkansas troopers “essentially acted as pimps for Clinton” during his years as governor, and that he would sometimes return home to an angry Hillary Clinton.

Time magazine called him a ‘reckless, obsessive womanizer,’” Shirley wrote. “If Hillary was awakened in the wee hours by her glandular husband, according to Time’s report, she would greet him with a ‘mouthful of four-letter words.”

Shirley wrote that Paula Jones became the first woman to officially file charges of sexual harassment against Clinton with her action against him in 1994.

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With all of the horrible things that Bill Clinton did to his wife, one would normally feel a little sorry for Hillary for what she had to endure. It was also a horrible thing that he did to his daughter and to all those women, not to mention to a nation of people, many of which followed his lead and believed his rabid lies.

In the long-run, however, it really did become so difficult to feel sorry for a woman so completely and utterly consumed by being crowned queen that she couldn’t even bring herself to speak with her supporters on the night of her election loss. Between playing Russian roulette with our national security on her private email server to her nonchalant, cavalier attitude about the death of Ambassador Stevens, it’s really a wonder that she managed to dupe the DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz into stuffing her ballot box in the first place!

Source: Western Journalism

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