After Interview, Bill Clinton Attempts Defending Hillary Loss…Yet Delivers Pro-Trump Answers!

Ever since former president Bill Clinton and family left the White House after the end of his two terms, his wife Hillary has made it her life’s goal, by hook or crook, to get back into the presidential palace as America’s first female president.

But when the people voted in 2016, it wasn’t liberal progressive Hillary they chose to lead the country for the next four years, it was capitalist businessman, Donald Trump taking the honors.

Hillary is still desperately trying to hold herself together by blaming everyone, and you won’t believe who is also stepping up to support these delusional thoughts.

Hubby Bill is running interference for her.

As Conservative Tribune stated when Bill Clinton was interviewed:

According to Fox News, Clinton seemingly blamed everything except Hillary Clinton for the Democrat presidential nominee’s loss in last month’s election.

Indeed, in Bill’s estimation, President-elect Donald Trump won largely because he was able to effectively rally racist “angry white men” to his side. The fact that both Russia and the FBI interfered in the election on Trump’s behalf also helped enormously, Clinton opined.

Clinton also found it odd that Trump had contacted him in a friendly manner after Election Day, and criticized Trump’s use of the term “landslide” to describe his victory, citing his own 370 electoral votes in 1992 as evidence of what a real landslide victory looks like.

Unfortunately for Clinton, there are plenty of Asian, black and Hispanic voters who checked the box next to Trump’s name, who would beg to differ about being lumped in with “angry white men” as the reason Trump won.

This is the way politicians who are bad losers express their frustrations and disappointments. By throwing temper tantrums and casting blame on everybody but themselves and their own poor performance.

One thing Billy boy needs to remember is this: “If cyber attacks and leaked emails damaged Hillary’s chances in the election, it was because of the content of those leaked documents, not who leaked them.”

We all know why Hillary lost and it’s because she is intolerably corrupt, dishonest and untrustworthy. Trump has proven that he is here to unite all Americans, regardless of background, and to eliminate all corruption and deception in Washington.

Thanks Bill, for reminding us that although Trump did not get 370 electoral votes, he won convincingly. HE WON. Thank you also for confirming your pre-conceived notions about voters and their demographics. Trump brought out voters that did not fit your pre-determined, calculated backgrounds. Instead, he invited all Americans to join him in Making America Great Again. And he will.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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