WATCH: Ben Carson Schools Bully Elizabeth Warren…Humiliates Her In Front Of Her Own!

The closer we get to the inauguration of President-elect Trump, the louder and more shrill are the accusations that are coming from Democrats. Currently, they are trying to catch any Trump cabinet appointee with one of those “gotcha” questions, so they can use it to implicate the President-elect.

During United States Senate confirmation hearings with Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Elizabeth Warren definitely tried to bait Dr. Carson with one of those sneaky questions. Yet, after his answer, she just looked like another loony liberal moron.

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Donald Trump has charged Carson with being this nation’s Housing and Urban
Development director and he graciously accepted the honor. Originally touted to be
Trump’s Surgeon General, Carson’s appointment to the HUD is one that made
complete sense given his upbringing in poor, urban environments. But, of course,
the liberals tried to delegitimize his appointment.

Professional shrew and hater of anything male, conservative, or normal, Senator
Elizabeth Warren asked Carson possibly the stupidest question of the entire process
thus far, which was if he would stop HUD policies if they had the slightest chances
of helping Trump’s family or businesses.

Ben, of course, responded with knowledge and class. He always does that. But what
he said at the end of the hearing no one expected.

Dr. Ben Carson sailed smoothly through his confirmation hearing to become Secretary
of Housing and Urban Development before the Senate Committee on Banking,
Housing and Urban Affairs on Thursday, despite grandstanding from Sen. Elizabeth
Warren (D­MA), who used it as an opportunity to criticize President­elect Trump’s
recently announced trust arrangement.

“Thank you for what was actually kind of fun,” Carson told the committee when the
hearing ended a little more than two hours after it began.

Watch the video below of Warren asking her ridiculous question to Dr. Ben Carson:

At this point, the Democrats are helpless and left flopping around like a landed fish, and all they can do is manage to make a show of themselves acting stupid as Warren usually does every time she gets in front of a camera.

It all just makes Trump’s win that much sweeter to see the Democrats flapping in the wind!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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