STUNNING: Before Inauguration, Trump Had Impromptu Meeting…What Donald Did Then Will SHOCK You!

Donald Trump’s character, like that of anyone seeking the office of president, has been subject to scrutiny and debate at a level none of us will ever be able to imagine. Both supporters and opponents will scour a candidate’s past for anything they can use to support their position. A person would almost have to be perfect to walk away unscathed, and we know that’s not possible on this earth.

This election cycle was more vicious than others, partly because of the level of corruption that Mrs. Clinton brought to the table. If you cannot rehabilitate your candidate’s reputation in the public’s eyes – a task that is impossible with a Clinton – then about all you can do is try to destroy that of your opponent. Of course, the honorable thing to do would be to focus on the issues and attack your opponent’s positions. But we didn’t count on that from Team Hillary, and they did not disappoint.

Yes, for all the nastiness hurled at Trump, very little of it stuck, except in the imaginations of hard-core leftists – and it clearly did not prevent his victory in the polls. More than that though, the man has some incredible qualities. His willingness to work hard and his stamina in the face of adversities are amazing. But a couple of his more intriguing characteristics are his ability to connect with the “Average Joe” as well as his generosity, traits displayed in a recent event.

Donald Trump has wealth that the rest of us can’t even imagine. Once someone is in the billionaire club, it’s normal to think that a person of such wealth cannot identify or build relationships with those of average or modest means. With Mr. Trump, this could not be further from the truth.

The story begins when, “A FedEx courier and former security guard from Illinois was surprised with an invitation to meet with Donald Trump after the President-elect saw a story on the struggling single father. But the special meeting wasn’t the only surprise. The young man was stunned when Trump presented him with a check for $10,000.”

Shane Bouvet, a 23-year-old single dad, was featured in a Washington Post story highlighting his visit to D.C. to support Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The paper revealed that Bouvet was headed to D.C. in a borrowed suit and donated shoes to celebrate Trump’s oath of office.

We’ve heard of stories of Mr. Trump’s generosity like this before. Trump detractors would no doubt try to pass this off as Trump just buying publicity or trying to polish his image, but those arguments don’t work. In the first place, Mr. Trump has all the publicity he needs or wants – after all, he is the president now. And Mr. Trump plows forward, speaking his mind with little apparent concern for his image.

What we likely have here is a man who really does care very much about the average citizens of this country. He can rub elbows with the rich and powerful anytime he wishes. But he still takes time to befriend and thank people who only can contribute their vote and support to him.

This is a measure of the man we have put into the White House.

Source: Allen B. West

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