You Won’t Believe Who Just Called For House Republicans To Be “Lined Up And Shot”

The level of vitriol and even threats of violence that have been building during the presidential campaign and into the Trump administration is both deeply disturbing and in some cases, at least borderline illegal. Specifically, it is not legal to call for politicians or others to be murdered. Those who do so need to be arrested and their remarks repudiated by those of all political stripes.

Perhaps it’s the somewhat secluded or isolated nature of the college campus that causes some professors to act and speak as though they live in another world, one where norms of behavior and even laws are thought not to apply. They need to be corrected, especially when they advocate violence to support their extreme views.

Professor John Griffin would be one such faculty member. As a professor at the Art Institute of Washington, he has called for death to Republicans over their move to repeal Obamacare.

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“Just weeks before a gunman shot four people at a Republican congressional baseball practice, a college professor called for Republicans to be ‘lined up and shot.’

“Dr. John Griffin, a professor of Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of Washington, decried Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare back on May 4 and posted on Facebook his suggestion to shoot Republican House members. In another post, Griffin used an expletive to refer to the GOP.

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“‘Republicans are a f***ing joke and their voting block runs the gamit [sic] from monstrous to ignorant,’ Griffin wrote.”

Well, at least Griffin is willing to speak plainly regarding his opinions, as twisted and as abhorrent as they may be. Of course, he should have a run in with law enforcement over the incitement of others to commit murder. He also ought to have a run in with his conscience in light of what happened at the recent congressional ball game.

We understand that Professor Griffin subsequently apologized for the remark.

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That’s nice, but not good enough. Is he just unhappy that he caught a lot of flack for his violent remarks? Or has he reviewed his thoughts and is now truly remorseful for making such intolerant, threatening, and dangerous remarks?

It would be nice if the latter were the case, however you have to forgive us for being somewhat skeptical.

Soruce: Daily Caller

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