A Year Later, Retail Giant Makes Stunning Confession About Shocking Bathroom Scandal…KARMA!

It looks like Target has gotten just what it deserved for its ridiculous and dangerous policy regarding allowing transgenders in women’s restrooms – a cratered stock price and decreased traffic in its stores.

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In a better time, such nonsense as men entering women’s restrooms would have resulted in arrests. In our more “enlightened” times, those preaching tolerance insist this must be permitted under the guise of meeting the needs of the transgendered community. Yet the truth is that the basic reason for having separate restrooms in the first place has not changed.

Now Target’s CEO, Brian Cornell, has been forced to admit that its well-publicized policy that permits transgenders  to enter the ladies’ room was mishandled. 

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It’s a feeble admission that he makes, but at least it’s a start. “‘Target didn’t adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash was self-inflicted,’ he admitted.”

Makes you wonder what “risk” he is thinking about – the risk to Target’s bottom line, or the risk to women who have been stalked by male predators in the women’s restrooms. Either way, he is correct in that this wound to the company he leads “was self-inflicted.”

Demonstrating that he’s not the most courageous of leaders, he tried to push the problem off on others by stating that “[h]e thought the problem was with how the new policy was publicized, which allegedly happened without his knowledge or consent.”

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The Wall Street Journal reports that “[o]n April 15, 2016, a “risk committee” e-mailed executives with their plan to go public with the new policy — only Cornell wasn’t included in that e-mail. The executives thought that while there would be an initial backlash, it would die down quickly.”

Instead they got a boycott and a 35% drop in price of the company’s common stock. Not exactly the “die down quickly” scenario they were expecting.

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And the fact of the matter is these policies are putting women in danger wherever implemented. “[M]eanwhile, across the country, disastrous restroom policies like the one at Target resulted in criminal behavior. Men dressed as women were found to be spying on women through the bathroom stalls, stripping in front of, stalking and even assaulting women.”

Now that Target has realized that it shot itself in the foot, the question remains what it will do now. After all, it’s a lot easier to get rid of customers than it is to lure them back.

Source: Right Wing News

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