BREAKING: Barack’s Final BETRAYAL To America Before Noon? Americans SHOCKED, Donald SPEECHLESS

The next few hours are very crucial and important hours.

But I’m not talking about the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Before noon today, President Barack Obama will still be in office, and there may be one more trick up his sleeve before he leaves. And this trick will stun every American: giving Hillary Clinton a full pardon, before she is even officially charged!

From Conservative Tribune:

“I would look for a pardon coming for Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation before noon on Friday,” Bachmann predicted.

In response to Humphries’ shocked reaction to her statement, Bachmann reminded him, “A person does not have to be charged or in jail to receive a pardon,” suggesting that Obama could issue a “pre-pardon” of Clinton.

“I would not be surprised to see Barack Obama issue a blank pardon for anything Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton or the Clinton Foundation has done,” she concluded.

This is a disconcerting prediction from Bachmann, but not at all surprising, given what we have learned over the years about Obama and those with whom he has surrounded himself.

I guess we only have a few hours to wait and see, but let’s hope that nothing dramatic happens between now and then. Let’s hope that we can enjoy the day and celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump, who will be taking the Oath of Office on the Lincoln Bible, while Mike Pence will be taking the Oath of Office on Reagan’s Bible.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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