Barack, Hillary Crony’s Admission Of Guilt — Just Dropped $4.8 Million To Settle Claims For…

The Clinton cartel has received lots of donations and some from people with questionable business practices that result in shoddy products being sold which don’t stand up to the claims made about them.

Of course, Barack and Hillary aren’t too concerned with the moral integrity of the people who donate large sums to their election campaigns and President Obama was only too happy to hand out an undeserved accolade when he named this woman Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.

The woman, Elizabeth Holmes, who is the CEO of Theranos, a health tech company based in the Silicon Valley, is now having to settle consumer fraud claims to the tune of about $4.8 million dollars for misrepresenting the accuracy of a blood testing device she marketed, which failed to perform as promised.

According to the Washington Free Beacon:

Elizabeth Holmes, a Clinton donor who was named “Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship” under former President Barack Obama, settled with the state of Arizona for $4.8 million over consumer fraud claims.

Holmes, 33, was the founder and CEO of Theranos, a privately owned Silicon Valley health tech company once valued at $9 billion. Theranos marketed the blood test known as the “Edison” device, which tested blood with a mere finger prick at lower costs. The blood test device ended up being inaccurate, leading Theranos and Holmes to cook the books to hide the flawed test.

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Tyler Shultz, an employee of Theranos, uncovered the inaccuracy of the device and leaked documents to save the reputation of his grandfather, former President Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State George Schultz. Theranos was reportedly using a shell company to “‘secretly’ buy commercial-lab equipment, and improperly created rosy financial projections for investors,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Last week Holmes began to settle lawsuits with some of Theranos’ victims. Theranos settled with the state of Arizona for $4.8 million over consumer fraud claims over the “flawed” Edison device blood tests.

“On Monday the company agreed to a ban from operating clinical and retail test laboratories for two years to resolve claims filed by Medicare and Medicaid,” the New York Post reported.

Holmes was not shy about stepping into the political world. Former President Obama invited Holmes to the White House and named her an Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship in 2015.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

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