Everyone Is Talking About What Barack Just Said About Hillary…He Threw Her Under The Bus Big Time!

We all knew that, at some time, former President Obama would re-enter the public stage. Even though his term in the White House is over, there is still much he wants to say and do. As long as Trump is POTUS, Barack will be slinking around in the background waiting for an opportunity to strike.

For his first public engagement, Obama made an appearance at the University of Chicago to address a group of students to encourage them to become community leaders and about getting involved to make a positive change in society.

Obama mentioned the “stereotypical profile of somebody who has a good likelihood of shooting or getting shot here in Chicago,” and he used the opportunity to throw Hillary under the bus for remarks she made in a speech back in 1994 wherein she referred to Chicago youths  as “superpredators.” And we were worried he would be attacking President Trump!

From Mad World News:

In his first public remarks since leaving Washington, D.C., Obama appeared at the University of Chicago to talk about the “stereotypical profile of somebody who has a good likelihood of shooting or getting shot here in Chicago,” according to Daily Caller. Obama’s intent was to encourage young leaders to get involved in their communities to affect positive change.

“The single most important thing I can do is to help in any way prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world,” said Obama, who sat onstage, wearing a black suit, white button-down shirt and no tie, with a half-dozen Chicago-area activists in their teens and 20s, as dozens more student leaders watched on. [Source: Washington Post]

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The former president went on to describe troubled youths who often meet tragedy in cities like Chicago:

“They had grown up in some cases in foster care or their mother was a drug addict and they had been neglected, so even within the city boundaries a lot of times we will characterize our neighbors as something entirely different than us, that we can’t understand and that we are afraid of and we can’t communicate with. Political rhetoric reinforces that. They need to be heard too.”

“If the six of you had been in that conversation,” Obama said to the group of young people also taking part in the panel, “You would have come away not saying, ‘these are some thugs or super predators that I can’t relate to.’ You would actually say, ‘man, if I had gone through what they went through, I’m not sure how things would have worked out for me, either.’” [Source: Daily Caller]

Obama’s “superpredator” reference was a direct barb at Hillary Clinton when she used the term to describe inner city gangs during a speech in 1994.

Watch the video of Hillary’s speech below.

And Obama’s mention of the term in the video below.

That Barack Obama would take the low road by attacking Hillary isn’t surprising. He, typically, won’t assume any responsibility for the failed leftist social policies that caused the economic problems inner-city youth now face. Policies he, himself supported as a Democrat. Apparently, Obama isn’t through meddling and, undoubtedly, we’ll  see much more of him in the future! Hillary?……Probably not so much!

Source: Mad World News

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