We Found Him! Guess Who Was Arrested At Airport For Planning To Join ISIS?

There are many terrorist organizations out there in the world, some of which are immediately familiar and detestable, others by names we may never have heard. However, it seems that three of these groups are receiving funding from many different avenues. Hezbollah, Hamas and ISIS. Al-Qaeda used to be the number-one recipient of funding by Iran, but recently, with everything that has been going on with Syria, ISIS has stepped up its game and its packaging.

The ISIS terror online propaganda magazine called “Rumiya” (translation: Rome) is their message to Christians across the world that they are the primary target. But the fact that ISIS has its own monthly magazine which advocates their position of terror and murder is quite shocking. This is also a primary source of information for those wishing to assist the Islamic State in furthering chaos and death in the Middle East.

Aaron Travis Daniels of Columbus, Ohio was one such man. He was not only impressed with the message of ISIS, but he was incited to become an ISIS fighter himself. With cash and a suitcase, Daniels arrived at the airport ready to make an excursion to Libya for a chance to cause some havoc. Fortunately for the rest of the world, our Department of Justice was on the job.

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The Daily Caller:

Aaron Travis Daniels admitted that he tried to board an aircraft from Ohio to Libya in order to provide materials to support ISIS. Joint Terrorist Task Force (JTTF) agents arrested Daniels in November 2016, just before he got onto the flight, and a federal grand jury indicted him later that month.

Authorities say that Daniels wired $250 to an Islamic State operative in January 2016. Daniels told an informant that he was traveling to overseas to commit violence, and he now faces the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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In order for our law enforcement to make these sorts of arrests and captures, the cooperation of the local authorities, police and governments is vital.  In many cases throughout the last two terms of former President Obama, these sorts of cooperation were limited or altogether thwarted. The DOJ under Eric Holder was too concerned with political correctness and righting racial injustices of the past that he barely had time to put any real cases forward.

Under Loretta Lynch, it was even worse as she spent 99% of her time traveling to police departments the nation over chiding them on their inherent racism and instructing them on how the federal government was now going to be their ultimate arbitrator in any case. In other words, “We’ll be watching you!” At least now under President Trump’s administration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, we are seeing America protected as it should be from terrorists, and arresting Daniels is a strong step in the right direction.

Source:  The Daily Caller

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