Guess Which State In America Is Refusing To Let Local, State Law Enforcement Arrest Illegals?!

By now, it is obvious to most that illegal immigrants, already living in the US, are becoming bolder and more brazen in their open defiance of American immigration laws.

Needless to say, they are very likely taking their cue from some US state and local authorities who, themselves, have been very brazen in defying President Trump’s ban on sanctuary cities.  This was just recently demonstrated in the Texas State House of Representatives, where some angry words were expressed and scuffles between representatives broke out over these very issues. But another state has come through to surprise all of America.

Now, in even more defiance of Trump, the state of Illinois has passed a law that protects the estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants residing there from being arrested by state or local law enforcement, thus circumventing the president’s plan to arrest and deport criminal illegals.

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From The Daily Caller:

The Democrat-controlled Illinois House approved protections for illegal immigrants, made voter registration automatic for state residents, and passed more severe punishments for gun crimes Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Senate President and Democrat John Cullerton, who supported the immigration bill in the Senate, said it will “provide stability” for Illinois’ estimated half-million illegal immigrants by preventing state and local law enforcement from arresting them. Democratic legislators admit the measure is a direct response to President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown, which they say has caused Illinois communities to “live in fear.”

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Yeah right. It just gives illegals license to flaunt their status as enemies of the law.

President Trump is trying hard to fulfill promises he made to the American people during his campaign, to secure our border, but liberals seem hell-bent on preventing him from doing it.

It is difficult to see how Trump can accomplish many of those promises if his executive orders and recommended legislation in Congress are negated at every step by leftist federal judges or state legislators.

The voters who gave Trump the Oval Office are taxpayers who are tired of forking over the money to provide for illegal immigrants who should not even be in this country. And to top it off, the crime rate is soaring as criminal illegals go back and forth across our borders smuggling guns, drugs, contraband, and other human beings. Plus, they are committing violent crimes against American citizens all along the way.

All we can hope for now is watching the Illinois governor veto this outlandish bill.

Source: The Daily Caller

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