Ingenious: Arkansas Just Did One Brilliant Thing To Their Court System…Even Islamic Groups Are Shocked!

Trump’s stance on illegal and terrorist-driven immigration is upsetting a lot of liberals, who are currently blowing their corks over the travel ban. They get even more angry when the subject of banning Sharia law, or laws similar to it, in America comes up.

Even though radical Islamic terrorists are moving west, in hordes, to escape the oppressive customs they were forced to live under in their home countries, no sooner do they arrive in the new country, they immediately start trying to change the customs of the new country to be like the oppressive ones they fled from! And attack their new country if it does not adhere to their ancient laws and customs. Figure that one out!

Sharia law is one of those such cases. It is so oppressive, civilized western countries would not survive it’s application. Some states in America are passing laws to protect their citizens from other countries’ extreme laws, and the state of Arkansas is one of them!

From Mad World News:

Unfortunately for Muslims, America has had enough. In fact, Arkansas recently made their stance on the matter known by passing a law that requires judges in the state’s courtrooms to only use American-based laws when making decisions.

From CBN News:

The measure does not mention Sharia law by name. But it would forbid law that “in whole or in part” relies on foreign law that “does not grant the parties…fundamental rights, liberties and privileges granted under the Arkansas Constitution or the U.S. Constitution,” including due process, equal protection, freedom of religion, speech and press, the right to privacy and the right to bear arms.

Of course, liberals are complaining that the law unfairly targets Muslims, but Sharia law flies in the face of everything liberals stand for: oppression of women, demanding the death penalty for homosexuals, and the cutting off of hands for the crime of theft. These are all barbaric forms of punishment long banned in civilized western countries.

When liberals finally grow up and see the truth, they will be glad that states like Arkansas passed laws protecting them from the kind of atrocities Muslims have perpetrated upon their followers for the last 1400 years.

Maybe President Trump will make it a national law just so the idiotic liberals will get the message!

Source: Mad World News

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