Antifa Chick Attacks Police Officer, Stabs Police Horse With Flagpole — Seconds Later, Gets Instant Justice

It may just be the increased access to news that we now have with the internet that’s creating the perception, but it certainly seems like people are doing more strange things than ever before. While some of this just makes you want to gawk at the craziness, other peculiar occurrences are violent.

Whoever heard of stabbing a horse with a flagpole in an attempt to prevent police from doing their jobs? As just shared, we may be imagining it, but people seem to be getting weirder all the time.

Anyway, this woman’s attempt to interfere with the police, never a good idea, has landed her in jail where she is being held on a $100,000 bond. The horse is going to be okay.

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Here’s part of the police report.

“On 6/10/17 1132 hours, Harrisburg Police were assisting with the Act For America Rally on the Capital steps of N 3rd & State Streets. During this Rally part of the protesters moved from the capital steps north bound on N 3rd Street throughout the midtown area. Multiple mounted PSP Troopers and Harrisburg Police were assisting with moving a large crowd from blocking the 1200 BLK of N 6th Street towards the sidewalk.

“A PSP Corporal and his partner, horse Sampson, were attempting to move the crowd when the defendant, Lisa Simon , used a flag pole with a silver nail at the top of the pole to strike horse Sampson in the side of the neck. Simon did this while obstructing the troopers from performing their duties to move the crowd onto the sidewalk.

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“Simon resisted Harrisburg Police officers from effecting a lawful arrest. Both the PSP Corporal and horse Sampson were able to continue working with minimal injury.”

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Again, who does this sort of weird stuff?

And the liberals throw fits, claim discrimination and police brutality, and no doubt have some reason to blame President Trump for all of this. What a bunch of bores.

Come to think of it, where are the animal rights groups? This woman attacked a horse with a flagpole. Surely the woman cannot get a pass on this just because of her political beliefs?

Source: Right Wing News

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